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Callaway Hx Practice Balls (9 Pack)

August 11, 2011

Callaway Hx Practice Balls (9 Pack)

  • Durable, soft-flite golf balls
  • Features Callaway Golf’s patented hex pattern
  • Simulates actual ball flight
  • Includes mesh carry bag
  • Whether you practice at home or on the range, IZZO Golf has a great selection of training products to help you improve your game

Our HX practice balls are durable, soft-flite golf balls. The golf balls feature the Callaway Golf’s patented hex pattern. They simulate actual ball flight. Also includes a mesh carry bag for storage and portability.

List Price: $ 11.99

Price: $ 10.63

callaway balls

Image by camflan

Question by Yo_Dogg: Where can I buy cheap Brand name golf balls?
Looking to buy golf balls but they are so dang oer priced. Besides ebay, are there any places i can buy brand name golf balls like callaway or titelest for a more affordable price?

P.S. I want to buy new balls. Not lake balls.

Best answer:

Answer by ~PeRsOn~
you could try at beginning of the year when they tries to get rid of old balls from last year and sell new ones
its usually cheaper i got nike one platinum for like 30 bucks a dozen so i just buy like 6 dozen and would last probably the whole season

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