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10pc set Taylormade R9 Logo Blue Neoprene Iron Covers

August 11, 2011

10pc set Taylormade R9 Logo Blue Neoprene Iron Covers

  • Taylormade R9 Neoprene Iron Cover set Blue
  • Taylormade with silver and red “R” Logo
  • Plastic see through window for easy club selection
  • Fits most Clubs from Standared to Oversize

10 pc set of very high quality neoprene, same as skin divers wet suit. Completely waterproof design with company logo and a clear plastic window on top to view the iron club number. Will fit all of todays irons and will fit very snug and will not fall off.

List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 21.99

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Question by rberrido: How good are Counterfeit Golf clubs?
I know some are almost impossible to detect, but do they do good on the playability and performance aspect too? I saw some pictures of counterfeit Scotty Cameron putter, and it looks exactly like the real thing. I had a counterfeit 5i Mizuno MX-25 in my hand, and I own original Mizuno MX-25 and I couldnt tell the diference. But do they play as good as the real ones? Asking anyone who got counterfeit golf clubs and then find out they were fakes..
Please uderstand Im not talking about clones, Im talking about counterfeits… there is a diference

Best answer:

Answer by Joe
I’ve had 2 sets, I’ve also had a set of the real deal. I bought the “fakes” after my set of real $ 2300 irons… and I bought another set of counterfeits when it was time to get new clubs again… what does that tell you?

What do you think? Answer below! http Be Sure to Follow and Like Us on Facebook Back in 1933 the first Mizuno golf clubs went on sale. Now nearly 80 years later, Mizuno is still expanding it’s golf equipment world wide. Watch as Inside GOLF Magazine hears what is new for the 2010 Mizuno year. Preview the MX1000 Iron built specifically for the mid to high handicap player. It’s spring effect for added distance makes it feel like a driver but with the range of an iron. The MX300 this is made for the player who needs both player and game improvement. Its Y-Tune Pro technology expands the club’s sweet spot for mishits. The MP T10 Wedge allows for increased feel and increase stopping and spin control. Finally improve your game with the MP 58 Iron. This muscle club allows for thickness behind the ball and solid feel. Inside GOLF Magazine finishes the day with a preview of the newest iron replacement, Hybrid Golf club, or the MP Fli-Hi.
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