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Callaway XJ Junior 6-Piece Boy's Golf Club Set (5-8 years old, Right Hand) Review

August 10, 2011

Callaway XJ Junior 6-Piece Boy’s Golf Club Set (5-8 years old, Right Hand)

  • For boys and girls approximately 41 to 50-Inch 320cc driver has a consistent alignment sole, an MP3 player holder and a rain hood
  • Fairway wood features the X-Sole design for consistent aligment, lightweight stand bag features 7 zippered pockets and a double carry strap
  • Hybrid is highly versatile and can be hit from almost anywhere on the course
  • 9-iron features Extreme Notch Weighting for better forgiveness and the 56-degree sand wedge has Mack Daddy junior grooves for shot-stopping control
  • XJ Odyssey 2-Ball Putter makes lining up putts easier and more accurate

The ultimate set of clubs for junior looking to jump-start their love of the game. The X Junior Set built for kids 5-8 years old or between 41-50 inches tall is small in size only. Every club comes with the some of the same innovative advancements Callaway Golf has put into its X Series Clubs for adults but tailored for kids. The XJ Series Clubs provide the perfect combination of perforance and forgiveness to junior golfers can play confidently and aggressively. Now kids can play with golf clubs

List Price: $ 250.00

Price: $ 199.95

Even Used, Callaway Golf Clubs are Still the Best

Callaway golf is the undisputed leader in golf club technology and sales. The company is constantly developing new products and improving existing products to ensure that Callaway golf drivers, woods and putters outperform the competion. In 2003 Callaway Golf was the first golf manufacturer to receive more than 100 US patents in a single year. Their commitment to excellence is unchallenged.

To understand how Callaway Golf compares to other golf club manufacturers, you need only to review their history.

1) 1986, Callaway was the first to use computer controlled milling machines, ensuring the flatness of their putter surfaces;

2) 1995, they had the number one driver on PGA, LPGA, Senior PGA, Nike and European PGA tours. Callaway Golf also became the number 1 golf manufacturer in sales of irons and woods;

3) 1996, they became the worlds largest manufacturer of golf clubs and Callaway Golf Ball Company was formed;

4) 1997, Sales reach 9 million, which was 3 times larger than the nearest golf club manufacturer;

5) 2003, Callaway Golf was the number 1 brand in woods, putters and irons combined for seven consecutive years;

6) 2007, Callaway has 17 products on the Golf Digest Hot List. They have irons, woods, drivers and golf balls which made Editor’s Choice.

Upon reviewing the above history, it is clear that Callaway Golf clubs are the best in the industry. Unfortunately, this technology also comes at a price. A brand new set of Callaway golf clubs can easily cost ,000 – ,000. Although these prices seems high, they are comparable to golf club sets from other large golf manufacturers.

If you are new to the game of golf or do not want to spend as much on golf clubs, you should consider buying used golf clubs. You can purchase used Callaway golf clubs for substantially less while still getting top quality clubs. When purchasing used golf clubs beware of inferior quality merchandise, imitation Callaway golf clubs, clubs that have been altered from original manufacturers specifications and similar issues.

Unless you are a seasoned golf professional or an avid golf player, used Callaway golf clubs are highly recommended. To ensure that the used golf clubs that you’re buying are of the highest quality, purchase certified pre-owned used Callaway golf clubs. The benefits of certified pre-owned golf clubs are as follows:

1) the used golf clubs come with a warranty;
2) the golf clubs are compared to the original manufacturing specifications to ensure quality;
3) they are certified authentic Callaway golf clubs; and
4) they are substantially cheaper than brand new Callaway golf clubs.

Purchasing certified used Callaway golf clubs is similar to purchasing certified pre-owned automobiles. You know what you are getting and you receive a warranty. Make sure your golf club dealer is authorized to sell certified pre-owned used Callaway golf clubs. You can also visit our website for a certified dealer that can sell used Callaway golf clubs that are guaranteed to be authentic.

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Question by lwills: What is the best women’s golf club that Callaway makes for beginner/intermediate players?
I am a beginner/intermediate player who is looking for good golf clubs (made by Callaway) that are forgiving, but also allow for more distance.

Any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by spensor
I think the one Callaway Lady’s X-22 Irons Set on maybe fit for you. That is made for women.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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