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H.WILSON Tuffy Utility Carts � Yellow

August 9, 2011

H.WILSON Tuffy Utility Carts – Yellow

  • Color-coordinate inventory systems or departments.
  • H.
  • WILSON Tuffy Utility Carts are made of injection-molded thermoplastic that is a natural electric insulator.

Color-coordinate inventory systems or departments. H.WILSON Tuffy Utility Carts are made of injection-molded thermoplastic that is a natural electric insulator. Will not stain, scratch, dent, or rust. Molded handle. All carts have square black posts. Rolls on 4″ rubber casters-two swivel, two swivel with brakes. Includes 3-Outlet Electric Assembly. 24″Wx18″D, 3 shelves with 15 1/2″ each shelf clearance. Ships unassembled.

Price: $ 189.00

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6 Tips to Writing A Web Design Proposal

Many freelancers do not grasp how critical it is to the success�of their business to write a solid and client-focussed website proposal document. A well-structured proposal will go a long way in swaying business to come� your way. Follow these tips to give your�business the best shot at�securing the winning web project bid.

Note : The document writing process can be a real time-killer.� You can save time and money by utlising a ready-made Web Design Proposal Template.

Purpose of Document
This is where you specify your company details, the client’s details, the proposed web project and a high-level (think brief) explanation of how the proposal will direct the development and design.
Project Overview
The most important thing you can do with the presentation of your proposal is�� show that you understand the client’s needs and requirements. This doesn’t take�� long; usually a quick Google search will help provide information on your client�� that you can include in your overview. Now apply (i.e. blend) this background�� information into the description of the website that is being designed and�� developed.
Site Objectives
This is where you interpret, clarify and define the client’s needs and wants.�To do this – of course – you must first perfom a detailed requirements analysis�by capturing their requirements. Techniques used to obtain this understanding�� include customer interviews, use cases, and “lists” of website features such as�� admin control panel, shopping cart, content management system, ajax menus, seo,�� etc.
What we’re really talking about here is a functional specification – its�purpose is to clearly define what the proposed website will do in non-technical description – think dumbed-down. It should describe the websites behavior, when�events occur and what action must result from these events. The functional�specification defines what the functionality will be, but not how that�functionality will be implemented.
Development Timeline
Describe each stage of the project and how much time it will take to�complete. This includes development, implementation, testing (inc. user acceptance testing), and handover. You need to plan the tasks and resources�required for each phase, in order to provide a realistic timeframe.
Project Costs
Clients like to see a final cost, as well as a breakdown of where the costs�are coming from, so be sure to include this in your quote. And finally, in order�to also cover yourself, you should include a provision that any additional work�will incur additional costs.

And there you have it – six simple pointers for structuring your Web�Design Proposal so that it both grabs the clients attention and impresses them.

Kelly Wilson

Kelly wilson is a software and freelance designer with over 10 years experience in helping small businesses with their website needs.� Her site can be found at web design proposal template OR Web Design Contract.

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wilson cart

Image by MeganMorris
This horse was shackled to this cart, and the carnie would make it walk occasionally, which would then churn ice cream. People were lined up to buy the horse-made ice cream, and I wondered if they realized how cruel and sad their purchase was.

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