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Callaway Golf Solaire 9-Piece Complete Club Set

August 9, 2011

Callaway Golf Solaire 9-Piece Complete Club Set

  • Energy Efficient Design makes getting more distance out of your shots easy.
  • Clubs designed especially for women for more distance, better accuracy and unprecedented forgiveness.
  • The all-in-one set provides ideal distance coverage from everywhere on the course.
  • Versatile, stylish cart bag includes an insulated beverage pocket, shoe storage, and pockets for valuables, balls, tees and outerwear.
  • 13deg driver, 20deg 5wd, 29deg 6 hybrid, 32deg 7 hybrid, 36deg 8 iron, 44deg PW, 54deg SW

From the #1 Brand in Women's Golf, the new Callaway Solaire 9-piece complete set that's preconfigured to give beginning golfers everything they need to play in style. The set consists of an all-titanium driver, a stainless steel fairway wood, 2 hybrids, an iron, 2 wedges, a mallet putter and a versatile, stylish cart bag. Years of extensive research with women golfers have led us to an Energy Efficient Design that optimizes every element of a golf club to maximize performance for a woman's

List Price: $ 750.00

Price: $ 597.54

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Callaway X-22 Iron Set From Best Golf Club Review

The Callaway X-22 Iron Set really sets the standard in golf irons. This set incorporates all of Callaway’s best technologies and builds on every set that has come before it to give you the most technologically advanced, golfer friendly complete iron set on the market. With the Callaway X-22 irons you’ll be hitting it straight and even every time.

�Callaway had continued its popular X series irons by coming out with a brand spanking new game-improvement version, the X-22 just in time for an early jump into the holiday shopping season. Golf iron set and golf club set are avalaible in golf set store.

Built from 17-4 stainless steel for softness and durability and employing something called “Precision Notch Weighting,” more weight is positioned closer to the perimeter which increases the moment-of-inertia (MOI) for more forgiveness and increased stability while at the same time keeping the center of gravity at an optimal position for that “ideal” trajectory as well as providing added feel.

One thing that I have not liked about Callaway irons in the past is the “clunky” look at address. The X-22 irons were designed with some “tour” features in mind such as a thinner topline and sole which is nicer in my opinion to look at while still maintaining the forgiveness of a “larger” looking iron. Kudos to Callaway for working on that.

Packed into the X-22 irons is some fancy technology that you’ve come to expect from Callaway Golf such as VHT, which is the variable face technology that allows more weighting on the perimeter of the club for more forgiveness, S2H2 which allows for weight to be removed from the hosel to be used elsewhere, and Modified Tru-Bore, which allows the shaft tip to extend through the hosel and clubhead to the sole of the iron and improves feel and control by moving the tip of the shaft closer to the center of the clubface. If you’ve played Callaway irons in the past, it’s something you are certainly familiar with.

Toss in the 360-Degree undercut channel which moves the center-of-gravity lower and farther back in the clubhead and you have a large sweetspot, which for those of us who’s swings don’t always repeat, is a very good thing.

The X-22 irons run from 3-iron through lob wedge with complete sets running either in a 3-PW or 4-SW. Righties and lefties can both try all what the X-22 irons have to offer today at your local Callaway authorized retailer.

�Overall we enjoyed this set quite a bit. If someone has been a Callaway fan in the past, they will really love these. They have raised the bar on the “X” series quite a bit this year, and we noticed instantly. You can read all about these clubs at our golf set store.


If someone has been a Callaway fan in the past, they will really love these. They have raised the bar on the “X” series quite a bit this year, and we noticed instantly.

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Question by steven k: What is the difference between the 2004 Callaway Big Bertha irons and the 2006?

Best answer:

Answer by Cubs rule
one is two years newer

Give your answer to this question below!

Callaway X-22 Irons Review
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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