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Wilson Golf Prostaff High MOI Combo Set

August 8, 2011

Wilson Golf Prostaff High MOI Combo Set

  • Two wood-style, easy to hit hybrids
  • Two high-Launch irons with Low-CG and wide soles
  • Two cavity back irons with maximum perimeter weighting
  • Two blade style wedges for higher spin

Following Wilson’s long tradition in this category, this unique transition set features four distinct club types to meet every challenge head on.

List Price: $ 299.99

Price: $ 199.99

How To Buy Left Handed Golf Clubs

In a world that mostly seems to cater to right handed people, being left handed can be very frustrating. You seldom see a doorknob on the left side of a door. Cupboards and cabinets don’t swing open the way you’d prefer. School desks are usually designed for right handed students. You may have to search to find sporting equipment that works for you. In certain sports, it’s not of much consequence if you’re left or right handed. Football and soccer, for instance, don’t require special equipment for lefties. Left handed baseball players, of course, need gloves that fit them. Left handed golf players require clubs made for their orientation. Left handed golf clubs need to be bought special otherwise you will be hitting the ball the wrong way. This is not going to be very good for your golf game. What is the best place to find golf clubs for the left handed?

A good place to look is; their most popular option is the Delta Laddies Left Handed Pro Hybrid Golf Club set. At the time of this writing, the cost of this set was roughly one hundred twenty dollars. Reviewers have rated this set of ten clubs at five stars. The marketing for this set describes them as being designed for the “lady golfer”. From what we can tell there isn’t a lot of difference between women’s and men’s golf clubs. As far as we can determine, these clubs should be usable by either men or women.

While we are leery about promoting Walmart, it is worth noting that they too sell left handed golf clubs. The Wilson Hope LX Women’s Complete Golf set, left handed is one of the more popular options that Walmart offers. At the time of this writing, the set is being sold for less than two hundred dollars on Walmart’s website. Also included with the set is a golf bag specially designed for female golfers and has many compartments. Clubs made for women don’t appear to differ from those made for men.

Golfsmith brands itself as the world’s largest golf superstore.

It also has an online portal that you can use to purchase your golf clubs. Visiting a local retailer might be more efficient for your needs if you have one close by. This way you can test the clubs out before you hand over your hard earned cash to take them home. Most stores will also special order clubs that they do not currently have in the store. In this manner you get the best of both worlds.

Thankfully, getting left handed clubs does not need to a difficult process. Left handed golf clubs are becoming more and more prevalent, making them easier to find. Because being left handed is the minority, it can also be inconvenient. Because being right handed is more prevalent, most of the western world is set up to accommodate them. Lefties are especially inconvenienced in golf where the majority of clubs are made for right handed people. Reasonably priced left handed golf clubs can be found, though.

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Living. Loving. Local.
wilson golf clubs

Image by LexnGer
Joel launched his Living. Loving. Local. project with the #LLLSecret dinner at Beast Restaurant on Feb 28th. 5 chefs, 5 vintners, a lot of very happy guests!

First Course: Charcuterie from each of the 5 chefs served with 13th Street Cuvee Rose

Second Course: Wild Boar Face and Guinea Hen Tourtiere, House Ketchup, Pickled Elderberries, Shaved Fennel from Scott Vivian, Beast, served with Fielding Winery wine.

Third Course: "Chupe De Chorizo" – Latin-American stew, Smoked Wild Boar Chorizo Yukon golds & garbanzos simmered in coconut, fire roasted tomato & charred red pepper broth. "Mystery bird" lime dumplings & boar cracklin”; Side of Salsa de Fuego Sofrito
from Rossy Earle, Personal Chef, served with Lailey Vineyard 2008 Syrah

Fourth Course: Hand minced game sausage "en crepenette"; Guinea hen mouseline with smoked boar belly, braised cabbage and grain mustard from Jason Bangertner, Luma and Canteen (O&B) served with Ravine Vineyards

Fifth Course: Mead Braised Wild Boar Shoulder, Hush Puppies with Caramelized Onions, livers and crispy skin with black pepper thyme honey drizzle, Slow-cooked Southern Greens(with smoked wild boar bits), Buttermilk Mashed Sweet Potatoes
From Steve Wilson, Executive Chef at The Summit Golf and Country Club, served with Rosewood 2008 Chardonnay Reserve

Sixth Course: Wild Boar Carbonara: Smoked wild boar noodles w/ crackling crusted deep fried poached quail egg.
Southern Fried Quail over buttermilk biscuit with wild boar and smoked apple sausage gravy.

From Tom Davis, The Stockyards Smokehouse and Larder served with Rosehall Run wine.

Seventh Course: Doughnuts rolled in Wild Boar Bacon and Sugar and filled with Maple Curd.
From Rachelle Vivian, Pastry Chef at Beast Restaurant served with Karlo Estates Van Alstine 2008 (Port Style)

Question by maaaddds.: Are the Wilson Hope golf clubs good for beginning golfers?
I recently began golfing, and I reallllllly like it. I live right next to a golf course, and my family has the family membership, and I’d like to buy my own golf clubs. I have enough money for these clubs, and I like these best of any I’ve seen. Would the Wilson Hope golf clubs be good for a beginning 13 year old golfer?

I’m already ’5″7, so I figured that a women’s set of clubs would be suitable size for me, right?

Best answer:

Answer by Scratch Golfer
They’d be fine to learn with if they fit you properly? Are you already as tall as older women? If not you’ll need to get some properly sized clubs. I wouldn’t worry about getting expensive clubs as a beginner. You will take a while to get a consistent swing and by then you can get fitted for a set of irons, etc.. So any Dunlop, Wilson, Adams set should do you nicely for now

Give your answer to this question below!

Top 5 Bestselling Wilson for 2011 #1.Wilson Hope Ladies Complete Golf Set (Ladies, RH) Check this The Wilson Hope women’s package set includes an offset driver, fairway wood, hybrid, perimeter-weighted irons, a winged putter. #2.Wilson Trio Golf Cart Check this Ultra- lightweight, Aluminum Alloy Tubular frame. Weighs less than 9 lbs. Super compact design enhances effortless transport and storage. #3.Wilson Golf Hope Platinum Ladies Complete Golf Set Check this Platinum Woods/Irons Set…Total Performance! Wilson Ladies Hope Platinum Woods/Irons Set features: #4.Wilson Men’s Pro Staff 11 Piece Set Check this The Pro Staff 11-Piece Set by Wilson features a deep center-of-gravity design built for distance and accuracy. #5.Wilson Ultra Men’s Complete Golf Set (10 Clubs + Headcovers and Bag) Check this Wilson pacakage sets offer the recreational player a fully integrated, comprehensive set of equipment that’s course ready right out of the box.

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