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Taylormade Golf- LH RAC OS2 Sand Wedge *Left Handed*

August 7, 2011

Taylormade Golf- LH RAC OS2 Sand Wedge *Left Handed*

Unmatched combination of high launch angle, long, penetrating ball flight and maximum control… The Taylor Made RAC OS2 wedges promote an unmatched combination of high launch angle, long, penetrating ball flight and maximum control. The Tuned Performance Cartridge is repositioned and recessed to make contact with the clubface, softening impact vibration, while the ultra-thin face and large, deep cavity deliver maximum forgiveness.
Improved RAC technology and new Tuned Per

List Price: $ 99.99

Price: $ 19.99

TaylorMade Burner Women Irons: Exceeds One’s Expectations

You have been using and putting Cleveland clubs in your bag for many many years now, so now is your great time to get a seem and acquire what’s the most recent in the golf industry. Like other golfers, you require to lookup and do some testing prior to changing your outdated golf clubs. This is to make sure that your new an individual is improved than your outdated clubs. Maybe you have heard about TaylorMade Burner Ladies Irons and guess what, these types of irons provide lengthier and a far more continual distance.


The TaylorMade Burner Girls Irons are a good choice and these clubs will actually aid you to progress. You will be fortunate owning a single of these TaylorMade irons specifically if you are a novice as they will seriously boost your efficiency in every last game. You will be a proud operator of these irons and your initial swing will be extremely memorable. You will be delighted each and every time you swing, as you can really feel the smoothness and small vibration.


Having the TaylorMade Burner Girls Irons will really support you in your game. Your shoot will be nice and it will enable you beat an experienced golfer. These clubs can help even a newbie golfer like you. So these would be an excellent alternative for a newbie.



There are a lot of superior feedbacks about TaylorMade Burner Women Irons. Customers said that these clubs enhance distance, lessen turf drag and promote extraordinary feeling. Possessing these clubs will truly exceed your expectations. So if you strategy of replacing your outdated clubs, then go for this 1. These clubs will make a thriving and a much more develop game.


Perhaps you are not encouraged to order these TaylorMade irons but to tell you honestly, these clubs are quite really worth it. Your cash will not be wasted if you purchase these clubs. But of course, to avoid any hesitations, do some exploration and ask a whole lot of golfers about these clubs. You can join forum and request queries online. Always devote some of your time hunting for explanations until eventually your thoughts will be totally free from hesitations.


Keep in brain that it does not subject what brand you opt for. The important matter is that you will delight in the game and you enjoy employing your clubs. However clubs support in the development of your game, your cooperation and concentrate towards the game are really critical for the improvement of your performance and your game.


I examine a lot of beneficial evaluations of the 320 Driver and assumed that so numerous devotees of the product could not potentially be wrong. I bought a seven.* S-90 shaft 320 brand new in November for $ seventy five. I played with it for the to begin with time nowadays at my regional course. It was a wet, cool, spring day with temps. in the lower 50′s. (plugged lies with no roll). This was my first round of the time and I was swinging close to regular which is as a lot as could be expected just after 5 months of winter season.


My swing pace is 112-114 on normal and have clocked 125MPH when anything is correct. That signifies that a my trusty Ti Bubble 2 eight.five* S-90, carries to a plugged lie in wet situations about 270yds.

The author is a golf fanatic and retains up to day with all developments in the game and especially devices developments. TaylorMade Burner Ladies Irons: Exceeds One’s Expectations

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Question by Boo Boo Gersh: Are the TaylorMade Tour Preffered irons forged, or do they have a cavity?
if the tour preffered have a cavity i wont get them, do the tour prefferd feel as good as the rac mb tp?

Best answer:

Answer by almal34
There are a few variations of the Taylormade TP irons. The very small tp iron style (blades) don’t have any space in back. The newer iron design does have a cavity. There is really no difference between forged clubs and milled besides looks, they perform exactly the same.

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Nick Faldo Tests out the new Burner 09 Iron on the range @ TaylorMade

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