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Golf Gift Ideas

August 7, 2011

Golf Gift Ideas

Are You At a Loss Trying To Come Up With Just The Right Gift For a Golfer? This is not an easy task for many people especially if you’re not a golfer yourself. This golf guide will provide you with just the information you need to choose the perfect Golf Gift they are sure to love!

Just imagine the smile on your favorite golfer’s face when he or she opens that ‘perfect golf gift’ from you! Knowing how much they like it will put a smile on your face as well.


List Price: $ 2.99


Related Mizuno Irons Products
Discount Golf Club—Mizuno MP 53 Irons

Discount golf clubs� provide consumers with several new brand irons, today I would like to talk about Mizuno. Mizuno MP 53 Irons �is the most forgiving and longest Mizuno MP iron ever released. I have played games with this clubs for about three years and they impressed me very muc because I think they have good looking and perform well.

This does not mean they are as forgiving as the JPX-Pro but the smaller head and thinner sole make them more workable. The new tuned heads didn’t feel a great deal different compared to last year’s MP-58, providing the same fantastic feedback. Compared with the MX-300 they are smaller but do not sacrifice any forgiveness.


Ticking all the boxes required to be an MP model, the Grain Flow Forged MP-53 has the head size, playing profile, and top line to please the most demanding shot-makers. Though the Diamond Muscle design and “V” shaped Milled Pocket Cavity ensure a surprising level of stability from off centre hits.

The MP-53 features a 360 degree grind that lessens the width of the sole and top edge while the shorter irons feature a design similar to the MP-63 irons to ensure that they offer complete precision and control.

We’ll also have a full review of the irons later in the year after they’ve gone through the rigours of our comprehensive 2011 irons test.

For some testers, this iron leans too much toward game improvement; looks more like a larger cavity back than other Mizuno irons.

If you want to get new golf club, you can check discount golf club �then contact with their customer service. This golf clubs are from the original factory with the best quality and performance as these in the pro shop. Besides, it is about 30 days return policy. If you are not happy with them, you can return them for a full refund. You can order the irons directly online. Any further needs, you can feel free to get back to the supplier. I must remind of you that don’t hesitate to get the irons you want and hold the chance right now.



More information about cheap golf clubs at

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Question by Dan E: What year did the Mizuno Grad irons come out? I am thinking about buying a used set…?

Best answer:

Answer by wbaker777
I looked all over Mizuno’s site for any info on past models and came up with zilch……seems they are all about today and nothing about their previous clubs. Sorry

Add your own answer in the comments!

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