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PING Digital Hair Iron (White) 1 1/2? Plate

August 5, 2011

PING Digital Hair Iron (White) 1 1/2″ Plate

Features & Benefits? This device has an intelligent heat setting with LED temperature display? The Top-of-the-line pure ceramic heater (heats up to the maximum temperature within seconds) ? 85 mm long plates and a 10 ft 360? Swivel cord? The professionally designed Iron is able to Straighten & Curl your hair with Fingertip temperature control? The Adjustable temperature control: up to 428 ?F (220 ?C) has an automatic shutdown safety device


Ping G15 Irons Golf Equipment Review

The 2009 Ping G15 Irons are a fairly new addition to the iron market, being an update of their G10 predecessors. They are designed mainly to be a game improvement club that’s easy to hit, and very forgiving.

At first glance they are nice looking irons, sporting slightly larger than normal club heads with some sharp graphics. They would definitely look good sitting in your bag at a Sunday morning medal.

When first holding the clubs though, they definitely feel a bit heavier than most other Ping irons. However it really only takes a few practice swings to get used to the weight, and get a feel for the clubs.

As mentioned these irons were made to be easy to hit, and they do certainly deliver. The G15s can get the golf ball away consistently with such little effort, and you don’t need to make that great a swing in order to get a decent shot.

And this was generally the case right the way through the set. Even the longer irons shouldn’t pose too much difficulty for most players. However there is an alternative there in the form of the G15 hybrids, which are available for the golfers who are perhaps intimidated by trying to hit long irons.

In terms of forgiveness, the performance of the Ping G15 Irons was very impressive. Off the fairway the clubs were so accurate, and the golf ball always held its line very well once airbourne. Anyone who has trouble hitting enough greens in regulation could certainly see some benefit in using these irons.

It really is very difficult to send an approach shot offline with these clubs, whether it’s a good swing or a bad swing that you’ve made.

With regards to distance, we found that the G15 irons were far superior to the earlier G10s. While the G10 irons could quite often give you about 10 yards less than you’d expect in each club, even on decent strikes. The G15s seem to generally give about 10 yards more for each club instead.

The sound at impact when you catch the ball well is very crisp and solid, and it’s not too bad when you don’t cach the ball that well either. You just hardly ever get that horrible stingy feedback that some iron sets can give.

From 130 yards and in, even higher handicappers should become more confident playing approach shots with the G15 irons. Along with the fantastic accuracy, the G15s also help produce a reasonable amount of spin on the ball, similar to the G10s. So if you land the ball on the green with these irons, odds are it’ll be a soft landing and you’ll stay there.

To look at them as a whole, the new Ping G15 Irons from Ping quite simply are an exceptional addition to the market. In our opinion even good players could benefit from these clubs, not just mid to higher handicappers. These clubs are that good that we’d recommend the G15s to any player to try out.

They are a little pricey just now, but aren’t bad value when you consider what they can give you in terms of performance.

Brand new as of 2011, the Ping G15 irons generally retail at around �430 or 9, and this is usually the price for both the steel and graphite shaft versions.

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Continuing with the "Office" series, dumb bells at the office gym. HBW!

Question by dagodagodoo: How much should I sell my Ping Eye 2 irons for?
They are 2-PW. Steel shaft.

Best answer:

Answer by snip
well those are great clubs. infact classics. it depends on the shape of them. if i was you sell them on ebay but if you dont need the money just keep them. they are classics and great clubs

What do you think? Answer below! The Ping S56 irons tested and reviewed by Mark Crossfield the internet golf professional. Watch Mark hit the players golf iron from Ping golf and see if they could help you improve your golf.

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