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Callaway Women's Solaire 9-Piece Petite Set (Right-Handed, Driver, 5-P, Graphite Shaft)

August 5, 2011

Callaway Women’s Solaire 9-Piece Petite Set (Right-Handed, Driver, 5-P, Graphite Shaft)

  • Energy Efficient Design � Lighter weighting in a draw configuration, higher lofts and lighter grips and shafts � Allows women to swing faster and generate more power
  • Designed for Women � Extensive research studying the swing characteristics of a wide range of women golfers � Ideally suited clubs so women get more distance, better accuracy and unprecedented forgiveness
  • Complete Course Coverage � Designed to provide the ideal distance separation with high ball flights
  • Versatile, Stylish Cart Bag � Beautiful design with an insulated pocket for food and beverages � Compartments for shoes, valuables, golf balls, tee slots and outerwear

The Solaire 9-piece set is ideal for a woman who is new to the game and is looking for a set to get started but doesn't want to compromise on performance. Years of extensive research with women golfers have led us to develop an Energy Efficient Design approach that optimizes every element of a golf club to maximize the performance of a woman's swing. The end result is the most forgiving set of clubs for women with longer, straighter distance with higher ball flights and better accuracy. Incl

List Price: $ 750.00

Price: $ 599.00

A Look at Callaway Golf Clubs

The Callaway golf club is one of the most popular and also reliable types of golf club on the market today. There are so many people (particularly retired men) that are fascinated with golf today and it is no wonder why the Callaway golf club is now in the peak of success in the world of golf clubs.

The Callaway Golf club is headed by Ely Callaway. He bought half of Hickory Stick USA and renamed it Callaway Hickory Stick USA. After purchasing it, he decided to hire the best people that would be an instrument in supporting his dream of Callaway golf club. He hired Richard C. Helmstetter to be the Chief Club Designer and this as others would say is the point of no return. The designs for Callaway golf club are truly revolutionary and innovative which is why the Callaway golf club is dubbed as the type of golf club that is unique and also high-performance kind golf equipment. After that, Ely Callaway renamed his company into Callaway Golf and then relocated from Cathedral City, California to a sleepy seaside town called Carlsbad, which is just north of San Diego.

One of the most innovative designs that the firm came up with was to create a stainless steel driver that had a larger and more forgiving head than any previous design. The CEO, Callaway dubbed it as “Big Bertha” which was derived from a German cannon back in WWI which was famous for its capability of shooting long distance range. This type of design was the one that made Callaway golf club a house hold name in the states because it experienced millions of sales and the Big Bertha type of Callaway golf club was the reason why Callaway became the number one manufacturer of golf clubs not only in the US but in the whole world which shows how popular golf is to the whole world.

At present, there are six classifications of the Callaway Golf club. The first classification is the drivers which are comprised of two models which are the Big Bertha Fusion FT4 and Big Bertha Titanium 454. The next classification of Callaway golf club is called the Fairway Woods. Fairway Woods have three types of clubs which are Big Bertha Fusion Fairway Woods, Big Bertha Titanium Fairway Woods, and Big Bertha Fairway Woods. The next classification of the Callaway golf club is a hybrid which is designed for long and distant shots. The model for this type of Callaway golf club is called Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrids. The next classification is called irons which are divided into five types of models and these are Big Bertha, Big Bertha Fusion, X-Tour, X-18, and X-18 Pro. Another classification of the Callaway golf club would be the wedges and the model here is called Forged+ Wedges. The last classification for Callaway golf club is called the Putters. The Putters have two models in its classification which are Callaway golf I-Trax Putter and tour Blue.

The classification and models of Callaway Gold Club mentioned above are the ones that the firm manufactures. All of these models were made in the lieu with science, research, and practice. All of these models are worth a try and who knows? You might be the next Tiger Woods in the world of golf.

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Strobist Lighting 102 Assignment 2.2 – Specular Control
callaway golf clubs

Image by Justin Liew
Bare strobe underneath camera. Hard specular highlight at top of club.

Question by Landon: what is a name for a website to find the cheapest callaway golf clubs.that are brand new and are not a scam?

Best answer:

Answer by vince
This site has some great deals. All clubs are NEW! Check it out.

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