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Birdie Babe Womens Ladies Golf Bag Stand Cart Pink

August 5, 2011

Birdie Babe Womens Ladies Golf Bag Stand Cart Pink

  • Designer golf bag with 3 matching headcovers
  • 6-way top with 3 full length dividers
  • 6 pockets with velour lined valuable pocket
  • Exterior mesh golf ball holder and tee holder for easy access
  • Matching rain cover

You won’t find a cuter designer golf bag, especially for this great price, which includes 3 matching headcovers. Your golf league will be envious of you, and nobody will have the same bag.

Price: $ 159.95

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Recommending An Iorn Set For Beginners

Some of the beginners of golf players are confused about choosing the clubs. Here, I strongly command the Ping K15 Irons for you.

PING engineers made the iron club face larger and added 27 grams to the perimeter for a higher MOI. The iron’s extra-wide sole features a low and deep center of gravity to promote high trajectories and low spin. High launch angles allowed iron lofts to be strengthened without compromising control. A large internal weight pad in the hybrids produces a high MOI for added forgiveness. The hybrid’s offset hosel and face relationship increases launch and lowers spin.
In the tradition of Ping ‘s manufacturing of great Super Game Improvement Irons we now witness the arrival ofthe K-15 Line. These are meant to replace The Rapture Line. I think that Ping finally decided to do a Hybrid Inclusive set so that they could, as they have been doing since the days of the G5 Irons, introduce an entire line of clubs simultaneously. These irons fit in very well with the K-15 Driver, Fairway Metals, and Hybrids. Better yet, the hybrids are an integral part of this set, and the set can be mixed and/or matched with Hybrids from 3H-6H, and irons from 5I-Lob Wedge. In most cases the Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge, and Lob Wedge are sold separately, but retailers are definitely willing to deal and do workarounds in today’s economy.

These babies are living proof that TaylorMade, Callaway, and Yonex do not have a lock on distance with titanium faced irons. These are just as long as any of them. What I like about them though is that they tend to feel smoother. I’ll give these the go ahead any day as far as consistency of distance, which is a quality that titanium irons are just now beginning to obtain. There was a time when using a titanium faced iron, due to the nature of the alloys and available metallurgical processes of the time, could cause severe variances in distance. I’ve hit some of the oldies, and occasionally, a 7 Iron in a set would be as long as the 5.

Extremely well balanced for Super Game Improvement Clubs. The trouble is, they do tend to have a very slight vaguenes here and there in certain parts of the backswing. Never at the top or the transition where it could be a problem, and never anything that could prove detrimental to a high cappper. It’s just something that I am aware of in the very darkest corners of my mind as I take the club back. My new slower tempo is making me a little “too sensitive” to this sort of thing, and the consistency of trajectory and distance I was getting with these shows that to be something that� should probably be checked off as a personal preference, and not an actual defect. These clubs are very well balanced, and should suit beginners and high-cappers extremely well.

These clubs are extremely forgiving. They do sport a rather hefty amount of offset–.23 in the 5 Iron and .10 in the Lob Wedge. This definitely takes the slice out of the equation if you can get close to swinging on plane. It also makes workability a bit of a joke, but “Workability” and “Super Game Improvemnet Club” do not even belong in the same sentence together, much less the same golf game. If you want high long and straight–these clubs offer it in great abundance.

Now I know that I’ve already mentioned that you can mix and match these clubs to your heart’s content a la carte style. However, for those who do prefer “the boxed set approach” I’ve already seen several retailers taking different approaches on their offerings. Some dealers are offering sets of 4H and 5h with the irons coming in at 6I-Pitching Wedge.� Others are offering the old 3H and 4H with the Irons coming in at 5I-Pitching Wedge. Some are offering to sell the irons as 5I-Gap Wedge or 6I-Sand Wedge with the hybrids purchased separately. Because of those facts, as well as the fact that they are built 3Hybrid -Lob Wedge, with the Hybrids running 3-6 and the Irons running 5I-LW I would like to give you the lofts for all the clubs, so that you may choose accordingly.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of the hybrids in this set, I think they are much more than adequate for the task at hand. The irons are very nice indeed, and hit wonderfully. Now if you are a beginner, or a chronic slicer you will love the hybrids in this set. They just run with a little too much offset for my personal taste, and that can lead to some nasty pull-hooks for a converted lefty like me. These irons are exceptionally well built, as long as anything else out there, and for once–Ping is giving Adams a real run for their money in the Forgiveness department, while beating them in the distance game. (The distance claim is for irons only–the Adams hybrids are definitely the longer in that category.) If you are a beginner or high capper and in the market for irons–these deserve more than just a cursory glance. I’d like to thank my CL Abraham for getting me the links that made this review possible.

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Ping G15 Iron Set

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Maetamann Elephant Camp & Rafting – Chang Mai Thailand
ping cart

Image by Cindy Andrie
These are pictures from the Maetamann Elephant Camp where we got to enjoy an elephant show, ride an elephant and ox cart as well as take a bamboo raft down the Ping River. The landscape surrounding Maetamann Elephant School is rich and lush and the camp itself overflows with tropical greenery.

Link: Description: The Sun Mountain C-130 Collegiate Cart Bag is simply one of the finest, full-featured cart bags on the market today. And it’s also the best way to show your school spirit and team colors on the course.
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