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PlayStation Move 6-In-1 Competition Sports Pack

August 4, 2011

PlayStation Move 6-In-1 Competition Sports Pack

  • A total of six accompanying attachment heads allow for immersive one-on-one tennis, ping-pong and golf
  • Attachment heads are easily swappable, depending on the need and the game
  • Made of high quality and ultra-lightweight plastic for maximum comfort and durability

The PlayStation Move is only the first step towards a completely immersive gameplay experience. The 6-in-1 Competition Sports Pack is designed to help you truly get inside the action. Created for fans of multiplayer sports games, each assortment includes two base cradles that hold the Motion Controller along with a variety of attachment heads. These heads are easily interchangeable, to suit whatever the need on-the-fly. Included are two tennis rackets for two player virtual tennis, 2 golf clubs,

List Price: $ 22.99

Price: $ 18.86

Ping Rescue Clubs

Rescue woods have been designed to increase a golfer's confidence in dealing with different turf conditions encountered during a round of golf and they are proven to be more forgiving of the less than perfect swing.

Rescue Woods combine the forgiveness, distance and height of a fairway wood with the stopping ability of an iron, giving a golfer the drive they seek from a utility club. The small, narrow head of a rescue wood makes it easier to hit from tough ground than a fairway wood or longer iron. One of the most famous rescue woods are probably the Ping G10 rescue woods.

By using a scooped crown with a wider body than Ping’s other hybrids the centre of gravity can be located lower and deeper. Which helps produce higher trajectories and greater consistency over long irons. This is why rescue woods are becoming the players choice. One of Ping's main objectives when designing the range was to blend the distance gaps between a golfers irons and hybrids better. It has been recognised that using hybrids over irons increases the length distance you can hit the ball.


Thanks to the array of technology used in the golf industry Ping have been able to analyse exactly how their Hybrids ball flight compares to a long iron. If the average golfers 10 yard carry distance gain, 5mph ball speed gain, 12 feet overall height gain, 20 feet less roll on landing and 4� steeper landing angle don't convince you its time to give a hybrid a try we reckon your seriously missing out on a trick! Basically all this adds up to them being easier to hit higher more consistently and when they land you get more control, how's that for the perfect golf club!

A Ping Rescue clubs might actually be one of the most important clubs in your golf bag. Traditionally the realm of the low irons, the rescues are nowhere near as hard to use as the irons of old. With a great range of forgiveness, lofts and draws, the Ping Rescue will get you out of trouble.

Golfbuyitonline have a massive range of Rescue Woods from Ping at incredible prices including Ping G10 Rescue Woods and Ping Rhapsody Rescue Woods. These clubs are a great alternative to long irons and are available at low internet prices.

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Question by Maker of ping golf clubs?

Best answer:

Answer by nambua2004
PING golf clubs were initially designed by Karsten Solheim, who created the PING company. Their first reall success came with their putters and irons, but today PING manufactures a complete line of clubs and accessories, all built around the sound the club initially made when striking the ball.

What do you think? Answer below!

Take it from Hunter Mahan and this guy: its time to switch to PINGs G15 or i15 irons.

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