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MAGIC IONIC Ping Ceramic 1 1/2 inch Flat Iron (Model: MIF-PING)

August 3, 2011

MAGIC IONIC Ping Ceramic 1 1/2 inch Flat Iron (Model: MIF-PING)

  • flat iron hair straightener ceramic heater
  • flat panel ceramic flat iron

The Magic Ionic product generates negative Ion and ozone directly using an ion generator, which is a totally distinguish system from other companys ion powder coating product. It is a creative and sensational product. Negative Ion (Vitamin in the Air): Air Purification, SterilizationOzone: Odor Removal, Anti-BacterialCeramic (Far Infared Ray): Healthy HairFeatures:- Built In Ion Generator- Digital Temperature Display- One Touch Digital Switch- Automatic Temperature Control System- 360 Degree Swi

List Price: $ 208.45

Price: $ 69.75

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Classic Ever Ping G10 Irons Review

Ping irons have been around for quite some time and always considered some of the best golf clubs. Ping G10 irons are used by many and always ranked well in golf equipment reviews. Looking for the best golf irons, try the G10 irons. And if they are expensive to you, go to search for golf clubs on sale online.


The G10 irons are engineered from 17-4 stainless steel with extreme low toe weighting to increase the moment-of-inertia for added forgiveness and consistency. The large, perimeter-weighted head of the G10 irons feature a new cavity shape and wider sole. The center of gravity is positioned away from the face and low in the club head to promote higher launching, lower spinning shots. By creating a new shape for the Custom Tuning Port (CTP), Ping engineers stabilized the hitting area for consistent ball velocity across the club face. An elastomer CTP insert helps produce a solid feel and sound. The Ping G10 irons have a wide sole that provides forgiving ground impact and contributes to the high launch characteristics of the iron. The standard steel shaft is the new PING-designed Ascending Weight Technology (AWT) series. In the new series, the long iron shafts are lighter than the short irons shafts to produce a set that provides the golfer consistent weight progression from driver (the lightest shaft in the bag) through the wedges (the heaviest shaft in the bag). The new shafts help increase club head speed in the long irons and add control and consistency to the short irons.


Ping has always been a trusted a name. If you are considering buying the Ping G10 irons, you should have no concerns or reservations about the quality that you will get from these clubs.

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Old Ping Pong Game
ping irons

Image by Chiot’s Run
This summer Mr Chiots and I started to go to auctions. I’ve been specifically looking for some Griswold cast iron skillets and for wide mouth pint canning jars (the old short ones). We didn’t have any luck until this Sat. Unfortunately we had to leave before the jars were sold because we had to be in Cleveland for an interview shoot.

check out the full story on my blog:

Question by oriolesfan2323: What type of irons? Ping G10 or Callaway X-20?
I’m going to buy some new irons this spring. What kind should I get? The Ping G10s or the Callaway X-20s?

Best answer:

Answer by kaybeepgh_29

Add your own answer in the comments!

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