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Birdie Babe Womens Golf Bag Cart Stand Zebra Purple Review

July 29, 2011

Birdie Babe Womens Golf Bag Cart Stand Zebra Purple

  • Designer golf bag with 3 matching headcovers
  • 6-way top with 3 full length dividers
  • Matching rain hood
  • Exterior Ball pocket and Tee Holder for easy access
  • Balls and tees in pictures not included

New designer golf bag with lots of class and flair. A quality bag at a great price! Women will love this unique golf bag. Can be used as a stand bag for walking or used on a cart or pull cart.

Price: $ 159.95

Become A far better Golfer By viewing Yourself

Become A far better Golfer By viewing Yourself

I suppose there may be a time in every and every golfer’s life style when he feels anything at all in his complement “just ain’t right”. Yet, effort as he may, he just can not complement his palm on it. Well, there may be a quickly system to obtain through that messy period.

One as portion of your extremely instead great systems to ascertain that which you undertaking incorrect will be to wrist look at yourself. that is right, wrist look at yourself. try this by videotaping your self following which reveiwing the tape. Callaway x24 In fact, in between the instead great items you will be as portion of your positioning to execute to the common complement will be to videotape your self hitting a education of paintballs with every of your respective clubs as portion of your large wide differ of situations.

This is commonly a great excercise for the aside season, by recommends of the way.

The easiest system to considerable it is commonly to own a buddy do the electronic digital camera execute following which you return the favor and movie him or her. However, for people who can not arrive around a buddy to brave the chilly along with you or for people who just loathe the notion of somebody watching you through a veiwfinder, you will be as portion of your positioning to effort this.


If you own a the video game of playing golf cart, you will be as portion of your positioning to enhance the cart to have self-confident that it faces especially exactly where you should certainly be hitting from. stay the electronic digital camera as portion of your bungee cord or anything at all similar–windsheilds generally own a protrustion of some amount that you choose to fundamentally incorporate the use of for this. validate the concentrate and strike Record. stroll besides away from your cart and overlook the issue is running.

If your drives are all the sudden looking for like chip shots, go forward and produce a education of balls.Ping K15 Irons strike them the way in which by which you commonly strike them.

Go back however again again and accomplish the camera.

I have a inclination not to recommend that you choose to fundamentally make an effort to evaluation the tape within the course. Instead, I’d recommend that you choose to fundamentally evaluation it at home.

I pointed out drives on this example, and you will be as portion of your positioning to execute this with any shot, which comprise putting. the entire strategy will be to obtain the electronic digital camera facing you. when that aspect is done, the sleep is commonly a snap.

From my person experience I can tell you that you choose to are heading to ascertain many items as portion of your evaluation tape that you choose to fundamentally wish you hadn’t seen. Be amazing to yourself. concentrate your thought in on one issue with a time. you could instead effectively want to critique your stance, or validate for ideas wobble, or look at your backswing. Ping G15 The notion great right here’s make an effort not to look at your self common great up until you have seasoned time for you to check on most of your respective factors first.

Reading about arrive around out how to produce an try out and do anything at all or getting somebody else critique you is helpful, but nearly practically nothing drives the products house in add-on to seeing your self in action.

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Maetamann Elephant Camp & Rafting – Chang Mai Thailand
ping cart

Image by Cindy Andrie
These are pictures from the Maetamann Elephant Camp where we got to enjoy an elephant show, ride an elephant and ox cart as well as take a bamboo raft down the Ping River. The landscape surrounding Maetamann Elephant School is rich and lush and the camp itself overflows with tropical greenery.

Question by Bing: Would a parent pay for someone to play with there kids or teens?? be their own activity partner?
I heard you can get paid to do what you like!! I have noticed that im always happy and enregetic when playing a game,playing catch or doing something physically active. Not just being in the gym,but playing!! I was wondering if there are people who are busy or dont have that much enrgy who would pay for me to ttake there kid or teen outside in the yard or too a near by park just to play with them. Play catch,Throw a frissbee,Kick a soccer ball,Run around?? Dont say baysitting cuz im not good with the in house,feeding cleaning type stuff!!!! I could outmatch most any little kid in energy!!

Also would someone pay for me to be their pysical activity partner?? i could go Running,Bikling,Hiking with peopke who have no 1 to do it with??!! I can play tennis ping pong basketball,velleyball,golf,go carting,swwiming with any1 who needs a partner

I know how to play most sports and games due to my background in bassicly playing most evry type of sport u can think of im super athletic fun and caring??!! what would u think??

Best answer:

Answer by LovesAva
Ugh I hope not – what kind of crap parent pays someone to play with their kids

Now coaching, and actually teaching kids as a team – would be a better investment for you.

Down time to play and relax, should be left to the parents.

Or, go down and join ‘Big Brother’ to help a kid in need for free

Add your own answer in the comments!

Pat And Ping 6 Flags Adventures!!!! Me and ping finally ride X after a long wait that lasted 2-3 hrs…The line was short but the wait was long due to the fact that they were adding another cart to the rail…

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