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Senior Golf 101: Playing Your Best Golf In During Your Best Years

July 27, 2011

Senior Golf 101: Playing Your Best Golf In During Your Best Years

Fitness and Health

1) To play the game of golf you need to get your body ready with golf specific exercises. These exercises will help you with your flexibility and range of motion. They will also give you strength and endurance.

2) There are certain snacks you should take with when playing a round of golf. Whether the game is just you and your buddies, or tournament play. The snack suggestions will keep your body fueled so you can go all 18 holes

Here is what you will

List Price: $ 5.88


More Mizuno Irons Products
Mizuno Irons Series:Mizuno 52,58,62,68 irons,which one do you like best?

Mizuno MP-52 irons

The new Mizuno MP-52 irons with Dual Muscle Technology are the most playable MP irons ever! The performance of the MP-52 iron set is based upon two innovative technologies. Making up Dual Muscle technology, is an outer muscle pad allows for a precisely placed, lower and deeper center of gravity, offering enhanced playability and an ideal launch angle, and an inner muscle pad that provides the unparalleled feel and the feedback that better players demand. The second innovation that sets the MP-52 irons apart and advances MP iron playability to a whole new level is a patented CNC milled pocket cavity. Two deep crescents milled into the club head allow for the redeployment of 14 grams of mass for a lower and much deeper COG. The performance advantage of this feature is increased playability on mishits and a superior launch. These advanced features are combined with a classic head profile to deliver tour level looks, feel and playability.

Mizuno MP-52 irons 0



Introducing the new MP-58 irons with revolutionary Dual Muscle Titanium Technology. During the complex grain flow forging process, a high-tech titanium metal is forged into the outer muscle of the iron, which not only delivers the feel, workability and shape every MP player desires, but also takes playability in an MP iron to a whole new technological level. The MP-58 irons achieve the rare combination of a penetrating ball flight, increased MOI, and superior feel, all in the ultimate player’s head shape.

Mizuno MP-58� irons 8.99

The New MP-62 irons with breakthrough DUAL MUSCLE technology were designed for the player who covets workability and shot making control with forgiveness. Dual Muscle Technology perfectly blends two muscle pads; the outer muscle pad allows for a precisely placed COG that provides an enhanced sweet area for maximum playability, and the inner muscle pad delivers mass behind the impact area for the solid feel and the feedback that better players demand. The classic head profile with the player preferred aesthetics of a thin top line, minimal offset and tour inspired sole design, combined with Grain Flow Forged feel, make the MP-62 irons the perfect weapons to deliver a consistent ball flight and unsurpassed shot making accuracy.

The new MP-68 Blade moves away from the cut muscle design that the MP-67 had and resembles the MP-37 with the muscle back developing from the toe area.� The muscle back lines and edges however are smoother on the MP-68 than the MP-37 and some in Japan have said it reminds them of the classic MP-14 with its curved muscle back and sharp toe. Mizuno has also followed suit with its 2009 design guidlines by placing the running bird logo on the sole and the model MP-68 with new MP logo in the toe corner. The 0verall head and face is very compact and coupled with the thick muscle provide the purest feel of any Mizuno grain flow forged blade.

Question by d: What is the difference between MP-32 and MP-67 Mizuno golf irons?
Which is better? which is more suited for an intermediate player?

Best answer:

Answer by TJ
the mp 32 is a flow grained iron, and it is less forgiving, the mp 67 is a perimeter weighted club with a cavity back, if you shoot 70s to low 80s, then i think the mp32s are for you, but if otherwise the mp67s

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! The Titleist CB Irons and the Mizuno MP 58 Golf Irons are both offering similar features but which iron is better. Mark Crossfield hits both irons to try and see what is the best iron.

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