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Callaway Warbird Recycled Golf Balls (36 Pack)

July 26, 2011

Callaway Warbird Recycled Golf Balls (36 Pack)

  • 382 precisely optimized dimples
  • Polybutadiene and Tungsten mix core
  • Proprietary Ionomer
  • Two-piece technology built for distance

The Callaway Warbird golf ball soars like it has wings. The high-tech rubber core is designed to blast off the clubface to achieve sustained flight. The Ionomer cover helps give the ball resilient flex and stability. The Warbird delivers high-velocity launch and a comfortable feel. If you want distance, the Warbird will fly.The Callaway Golf Warbird offers distance that’s just itching to get out. Callaway designed this ball for golfers seeking maximum distance at a minimum price. This may includ

List Price: $ 43.29

Price: $ 29.22

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Callaway Touri Chambord Branded Golf Ball Set of 3
callaway balls

Image by harry525
Take to the course with these premier golf balls. Imprinted with the famous Chambord logo you’ll be ready to slice that ball into past the range and into the parking lot of some poor souls car windshield. You can always offer him the balls instead of paying for the window.

Question by Kyle B: I use Nike Mojo, Nike Karma and Callaway Warbird golf balls good for adding spin to my shot?
and other than keep my grooves clean, and stay aligned with the ball through the shot, any other good tips for spin?

oh and i heard the Nike Sumo 5900( squared driver) was illegal, is that true?.. just curious.. i just ordered one a few days ago and stumbled along an article saying it was illegal, i just want clarification..
thanks ;D

Best answer:

Answer by green_lantern66
None of those brands will max out your wedge spin. If you want max spin, you might need to shell out for Tour style balls. Tour balls have urethane covers, which is softer than the Surlyn or Ionomer covers found on “cheaper” (for lack of a better word) balls like the Warbirds and Mojos. Urethane quickly grabs the grooves of your club, whereas Surlyn or Ionomer slides up a few grooves, then catches.

Another thing to help spin: play the ball about two ball-widths back of center. If you make ball-first contact and take a divot, that’ll help your spin rate go higher. Also- accelerate through the shot. Deceleration kills spin. Make you throughswing look like a mirror image of your backswing to make sure you aren’t slowing down through the shot

No, the 5900 isn’t illegal. The first square SuMo driver was… the first run, anyway. Subsequent products of the original were stamped with a circle on the sole, to let consumers know they were conforming,

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