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New Wc Nite-Eyestritium Sights M1911 Popular High Quality Practical Modern Design Exquisite

July 24, 2011

New Wc Nite-Eyestritium Sights M1911 Popular High Quality Practical Modern Design Exquisite

  • Wilson Combat Nite-Eyes Tritium Sights feature a bright green front sight insert and a subdued yellow dot on each side of the rear sight notch.
  • Nite-Eyes low profile snag-free sights provide a well defined sight picture making them the ultimate combat sight under all light conditions.
  • 100% genuine brand names.
  • This item has high quality with reasonable price.

We have a 15-day no questions asked return policy.

List Price: $ 222.68

Price: $ 130.99

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Callaway New RAZR X Irons

Since RAZR X irons are famous for more than 10 years, Callaway’s X Series irons make the brand become the most dominant product. From the X-12 to the callaway X-24 Hot irons, which now you can buy from, Callaway will be injected into the tolerance and strength of “improving the performance of power” models while high levels of golf player models were used to give more sense of pitch shaping.

Now, you can say goodbye to the X-series irons, and then say hello to 3 new RAZR series irons. Indeed, back in the new irons also have an X, but these irons compared to the previous X series is completely based on a different platform built.

RAZR X Irons are much better than the pervious Callaway FT i-Brid Irons and other irons, they can be a force to enhance the performance levels of iron, with huge hit areas. Replace the original X-22 irons and X-24 Hot Irons, the standard RAZR X full set of eight clubs in each team have adopted a new variable face thickness technology, but when you miss hitting the center point Time makes the combat zone becomes thinner. This technology expands the sweetspot, making the deviation of the ball when the ball can be saved. And other important surface from pole position was moved to remove the weight of the club back into the new such as “waffle” like the weight of 30 grams of the block.

The new RAZR X iron center of gravity is 12% lower, 15% deeper than the previous X-22, so if the pole point of the lower surface of the ball, then the ball will fly higher. In addition, because of a low center of gravity, Callaway’s designers are able to strengthen the RAZR X iron club head angle, so that to hit the ball farther.

The RAZR weight system can also be found on the RAZR Tour, RAZR Tour irons are designed for high handicap golf players. “What we do is to sustain the bottom of narrower width, which is favored by high-level golf players,” Williams said. “But through the iron on the lower and deeper in the cavity of the weight placed on the block, we were able to deeper center of gravity becomes lower.” However, we note that models in the Tour, was re-placed the weight of the block is more.

RAZR X Tour irons compared to RAZR X, is lesser on the face after the shift, but due to a deeper center of gravity is even lower, Callaway improve RAZR X Tour Irons of the head angle.

As it is known that Mark Wilson Triumphs in Phoenix, and he would like to try the Callaway New RAZR X irons.

If� you want to know more about some famous golf clubs, such as Ping G15 Irons Review, you can read my other articles from, which is a discount golf equipment online store.

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wilson irons

Image by theob
big red is gross. john lerma is a lie.

Question by Boo: Wilson Staff Irons – Ci7 vs Di7?
I dont know which irons to get.
I usually hit in the mid/high 90s, so which irons would be best for me?
I can get the Ci7s for about �155 and the Di7s for about the same.
So yeah which irons would be best?

Best answer:

Answer by x-15a2
Since you repeated your question, I’ll repeat my thorough and well thought out answer:

I personally play the Ci7′s (Contol irons 7) and really like them, best irons I’ve ever owned (I shoot in the mid-high 80′s). They are game improving clubs that are long and forgiving and look great. The Di7′s (Distance irons 7) are super game improvement clubs that feature the fat shaft technology that some really like and others find unappealing to the eye. Here are links to both product pages that will give you the information that you need.



Personally I recommend the Ci7′s, but you can’t go wrong with either model. Enjoy!

Add your own answer in the comments! – Are you an FG Tour player? – The new FG Tour Irons from Wilson Staff for players who value feel and creativity – Golfonline

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