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Wii Sports Resort 8-in-1 Sports Pack Review

July 23, 2011

Wii Sports Resort 8-in-1 Sports Pack

  • Pack includes: Swordplay Attachment – Canoeing Attachment – Golf Club Attachment – Table Tennis Attachment – Frisbee Attachment – Wakeboarding Attachment – Archery Bow Attachment – Power Cruising Dashboard Handle
  • Made specifically for Wii Sports Resort
  • Wii MotionPlus compatible
  • Insert holds a Wii Remote with or without protective silicone skin case
  • lightweight plastic material

Experience the essential accessories package for the Wii Sports Resort with the 8 in 1 Pack for Wii Sports Resort from CTA Digital. Enjoy the realism added to your gaming experience and easily switch according to the multitude of games in the Wii Sports Resort video game. An attachable insert can firmly hold a Wii Remote with or without the protective silicone skin case that comes with the Wii MotionPlus adapter. The lightweight plastic material assures that these accessories won't be a he

List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 16.99

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Find Ping Rapture Clone Golf Clubs

This is your guide to find Ping Rapture clone golf clubs to suit your game, save you money, and utilize technology used by professional golfers Chris DiMarco, Angel Cabrera and Bubba Watson, among many other touring professionals.

For the 2007 golf season, Ping Golf has introduced its Rapture line of golf clubs: Rapture Driver, Rapture Fairway Woods and Rapture Irons. This is no surprise as all golf manufacturers must keep inventing new club styles and technology advancements to stay competitive. Below you will find great choices of Ping Rapture clone golf clubs.

The Ping Rapture Driver combines titanium, carbon fiber and innovative thinking to create a powerful and forgiving option off the tee. The visual technology of the composite crown design not only attracts attention, it pays off in performance by helping position the center of gravity for high launch and low spin. Ping engineers relied on computer optimization models to analyze the crown to ensure structural integrity and performance. This driver is the current choice of the PGA’s longest driver Bubba Watson.

The following driver golf clones offer you great alternatives to the Ping Rapture Driver at a fraction of the price:

PRG Radiance 460 Titanium Driver – The PRG Radiance 460 Titanium Driver has created a high launching, low spinning driver for increased distance and tighter dispersion on shots hit across the entire face. The PRG Radiance 460cc Titanium head features new internal weighting distribution that re-positions the CG for lower spin rates and greater distance. Acoustical engineering was also heavily employed to produce a solid, powerful sound.

PGR Raptor Titanium Driver – The PGR Raptor Titanium Driver was designed for structural integrity which produces a solid, powerful sound. This driver will get the distance you are after and turn a few heads in the process. Compare to Ping Rapture. Driver head to incorporates a new sole plate. The Raptor 460cc is a forged titanium driver. The 460cc head offers players even greater distance and power on impact. Titanium. High launch angle, low spin rate shot for greater accuracy and distance.

Z Force Reflex Driver – The Z Force Reflex 460cc Driver features a rear centered mass inside the club for higher launch and lower spin. The variable thickness face increases ball speed for a hotter club face response. This driver has all of the features a golfer would look for in a forgiving 460cc sized driver and the traditional shape is designed with confidence-inspiring, fairway-finding precision.

The Ping Rapture Fairway Woods are manufactured from 100% titanium and offer exceptional forgiveness. A 6-4 titanium face is machined to produce a thin, highly-responsive face for maximum distance. An internal weight pad positioned directly below the center of gravity increases the launch angle and reduces spin to produce high, penetrating shot characteristics.

Two other great choices to harness this technology and can save you money are:

PRG Radiance Fairway Woods – The PRG Radiance Fairway Woods have created a high launching, low spinning for increased distance and tighter dispersion on shots hit across the entire face. Acoustical engineering was also heavily employed to produce a solid, powerful sound. The PRG Fairway woods are and excellent match to the titanium drivers and irons.

Z Force Reflex Fairway Woods – The Z Force Reflex Fairway Woods offer exceptional forgiveness. The face design is highly responsive for maximum distance and is designed to produce high, penetrating shot characteristics. The raised sole contributes to less drag and helps golfers to make solid contact from the toughest lies. The Reflex Fairway Series can be used from the tee or the fairway and is designed for all playing levels.

The Ping Rapture Irons use perimeter weighting that rely on strategic use of titanium, steel and tungsten to create a high performance iron. Careful analysis and application of each material yields forgiveness and trajectory improvements while creating a face and cavity design that produces a solid, pleasing feel and sound. The wide sole created by the undercut cavity design positions the center of gravity lower and further back to improve launch angles for higher, lower shots that resist ballooning and land softly.

Other great Ping Rapture Iron clones include the following:

PRG Irons – The PRG irons are designed specifically for the golfer who struggles to get the ball in the air. These irons provide a deep cavity and wide sole to promote a higher trajectory. The lower center of gravity also promote a higher launch angle. As an added benefit they offer a greater offset which provides a higher trajectory. With these new clubs, you will no longer have to struggle to hit long irons.

Z Force Z6 Irons – The Z Force Z6 Irons incorporate forgiveness and trajectory improvements while creating a cavity design that produces a solid feel and crisp sound. This iron pushes perimeter weighting to the next level and its center of gravity to is positioned lower, resulting in a higher launch angle. It also has an over-sized oval-port that helps to dampen unwanted vibrations and creates a stable source of player feedback.

These are a few of the many Ping clone golf clubs on the market today. With so many alternatives to choosing higher priced brand name clubs, considering clone golf clubs makes a lot of sense for many golfers.

Darren Finger is a golf enthusiast who owns, a comprehensive website that is the ultimate online guide about clone golf clubs. For more information about Ping clone golf clubs, visit the site today!

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Question by Cherrygirl: Where is the best place to buy cheap (but genuine) ladies Ping golf clubs ?

Best answer:

Answer by kspencer2012
the best place i have gotten decentley priced womens golf clubs is from Dick’s. i got them for my mom last year and they are great

What do you think? Answer below! Mark Crossfield hits the TaylorMade MC Forged golf iron and compares it to the Ping S56 irons. See which golf club will suit your golf game and why as Mark match up the two golf clubs. Are you a Taylormade or Ping golfer post a comment and let us know what iron you prefer and why.
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