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Callaway Golf Diablo Forged Irons, Set of 7 (Right Hand, 4P, Graphite, Regular)

July 22, 2011

Callaway Golf Diablo Forged Irons, Set of 7 (Right Hand, 4P, Graphite, Regular)

  • Configured for Distance
  • Forged Precision
  • Accuracy and Workability

Callaway Golf has reached a new level of performance in a forged iron design. This iron provides a wide range of golfers the best distance they have ever seen in a Callaway forged iron with unprecedented feel, accuracy and forgiveness.

List Price: $ 1,312.50

Price: $ 1,000.72

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Callaway Cool Weapons: DIABLO EDGE Series

Callaway Diablo Edge Series Clubs were released in February 2010, including Diablo Edge Driver, Diablo Edge Fairway, Diablo Edge irons. This set has a cool outlook style, fully demonstrating self-confidence and personality. Diablo Edge Series are able to help golfers to completely enjoy the fun of playing golf. Let’s check them one by one.

?? Callaway Diablo Edge driver is combined with vanguard style and traditional clubhead. It has the largest sweet spot, which is the most outstanding features any other Callaway Titanium driver can not match. The head of diablo edge driver uses advanced fusd Titanium techonology. The four composation titaninum material are finely cut and combined, to achieve the most ideal state. It creates the highest MOI and lowest center of gravity. The usage of chemical immersion process is able to realize stable high ball speed and long distance.

?? The new Diablo Edge Fairway Woods can produce 10 to12 yards farther distance than the former classic Big Bertha Diablo fairways. Though Big Bertha Diablo fairway woods is quite excellent, which helped Phil Mickelson win the Northern Trust Open.�New Callaway Diablo Edge fairway wood is not just a high quality club, it is also a powerful weapon that can rewrite the result.

?? Callaway Diablo Edge hybrid is specially designed with a higher fault tolerance and greater distances. It can be a better replacement to long irons and the ideal choice for golfers.�Vertical center of gravity optimization adopts a thinner crown, lowering the center of gravity position to meet most of the players’ requirements.�Unique sole design of Diablo Edge rescue is to create an effective hitting effect, resulting in optimal distance, stability and accuracy in a variety of lawn conditions.�The weight will be more focused on the sole. The crown is 30% thinner than other Callaway hybrids, to create a farther and higher trajectory.

?? And Diablo Edge irons are featured in approachability, excellent feel. These irons are game-improving Callaway irons, which can achieve longer distances, without compromising superior feel and performance.�Deeper and lower center of gravity makes golf players hit the ball on the sweet spot, thereby creating a longer distance and better accuracy. There are graphite shaft s and steel shafts for you to choose.

���� All in all, Callaway Diablo Edge series products are not only with unique cool appearance, but also powerful performance and quality. They are classic Callaway golf clubs, which are quite popular with beginners or common golfers.

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A. W. Callaway
callaway irons

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Wrought Iron Fence
Augustus W. Callaway
B. Mar 3, 1820
D.Aug 9, 1866
Alderman, City of Milledgeville. Surrendered city to Sherman in Nov, 1864.

Biographical information from Friends of Baldwin County Cemeteries/Memory Hill

Question by B: Which Super Game Improvement Irons are better ? Cobra UFI or Callaway Big Bertha?
I am up in the air as to if I should get a used set of Cobra UFI or a 2006 set of Callaway Big Bertha irons.
Both regular flex, graphite, left handed. Both claim to be some of the best used super game improvement irons out there. I did a lot of research, talked to a few people and have narrowed it down to these 2 sets. Anybody have any experience with either set or advice ?

Best answer:

Answer by CaraYelvo_x
callaway big bertha is what i use and my mum used it to yes im only fourteen but i have lots of experience with golf. The callaway completely improved my game and i found it so easy to use so i advise using the big bertha ':D' hope i helped.

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Callaway X-22 Iron Set Review by
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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