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Ladies Complete Golf Clubs Set 2011 Model Drivers, Hybrid, Irons, Putter Bag Pink Color Womens

July 19, 2011

Ladies Complete Golf Clubs Set 2011 Model Drivers, Hybrid, Irons, Putter Bag Pink Color Womens

  • Complete Ladies Golf Set with Bag Included
  • Featuring 460cc Titanium Driver & 3 Wood & Easy To Hit Hybrid
  • 5-PW Irons and Alignment Putter
  • All with Womens Flex Graphite Shafts and Gourgeous Automatic Stand Bag and Headcovers
  • Beautiful, Cherry Pink Color

2011 Model Ladies Right Handed Complete ML High Launch Pink Golf Set. This Complete Set has everything you need to hit the course. Set features all Oversized Clubs, including 460cc High Launch Driver, High Launch 3 Wood, and High Launch Hybrid. (The technologically advanced hybrid offers great control and distance) Oversized Irons 5,6,7,8,9,PW, and Alignment Putter. This is one amazing playing and looking set.

List Price: $ 799.99

Price: $ 359.99

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Golf Club Brands For Beginners – 3 Choices, Choose The Best!

Golfing enthusiasts today need not be disheartened like their uncles and aunts of yore when taking to golfing was something only rich retirees or military officers aspired to as golfing as a preferred leisure sport is here to stay � and for all ages and genders, too. By the looks of things on the 24 hour sports channels and local golf links, there are as many women on the green as there are teens, which makes it evident which way the wind blows when golfing as a classy, gentleman's sport is spoken about. The new age popularity of golfing as a week-end sport and even as a guy-bonding or girl's day outing that is unmatched has busted the old perception about the game.

Beginners taking to golf are spoilt for choice today with so many different companies manufacturing quality golfing equipment and accessories, with the majority of them guided by scientific research and technology for production of the same; then, be it golf clubs, adjustable heads and even an eclectic mix of branded clubs, there's a wide array of designer choices for the discerning golfer.

Choosing the best golf clubs today is more a matter of budget than availability since all the best brands are on display in the market and investing in the right equipment can help one raise their current skill level to a higher one.

Most of the better golfing equipment retailers offer beginners good deals to start off their golfing interest with: from adjustable clubs that are suited to working in different situations to half-set of clubs (minus the higher skill level clubs) to tees and balls and bags to carry your stuff in, there's a wide array of golfing goods stores today carry for your sporting delight. One thing to remember when buying golf clubs is never to buy any set that is outside of your skill range as this will prove to be damaging for your game.

Among the top names in golfing gear is Ping, a leading manufacturer of professional golfing equipment that is also supported by best user reviews from top golfing magazines. What makes this manufacturer unique and gives them such strong brand recognition is because of the quality of their adjustable clubs and half sets that are ideal for beginners. The Ping brand of golf equipment includes half-sets of clubs that are assorted in style but still perfect for the beginner on the course as they can be adjusted easily to enhance performance and aid Golf Club Swing. Even if the manufacturer only offers a select range in this type of clubs, they provide more than necessary features for the beginner golfer to hone his or her skills in order to improve their stroke technique.

Once this is done, the beginner can look towards moving up to investing in a branded full golf club set. This is one that includes all 14 varieties of golf clubs and these can be varyingly used in different situations, which the more advanced golfer will be able to recognize and choose from after analyzing the situation on the green.

If Ping does not carry the golf clubs you are looking for, try the Cobra brand, recommend experts. This brand makes great drivers and many expert golfers prefer buying this make over Ping as they mix and match the best from both brands at will, from various category of clubs. Since most beginner golfers have a tough time with drivers, the frustration of hitting a ball completely off the intended course is minimized quite a bit with Cobra drivers, which are intricate in detailing and provide the beginner long and accurate drives down the golf course.

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My Ping Bag – Extra-Large Size
ping golf clubs

Image by +++CoolValley+++
This thing is huge. It’s Also in really good shape. I couldn’t even begin to attempt to guess how old it is. I got no clue.

It’s so big that you could probably add a beer tap and stereo to it. It’s not quite big enough for a remote control golf club launcher though.

I got this from a thrift store on Vivion Rd. about 6-7 years ago for . Took it home and cleaned it up with some sneaker cleaning foam and it shined right up. I take it to the range whenever I hit balls. You should see the looks I get from people. They’re like, WTF is that.

It’s made out of some kind of heavy vinyl.

Question by Dale: PING Golf clubs real or not real?
Looking to purchase Ping G15 but I have heard that some of the websites that offer them for a lower price are not real, is this correct or are they just wholesale pricing? I don’t want to buy clubs that are not good? Just off a bit in weight, size etc could make a lot of differance in a good shot and a bad shot.

Best answer:

Answer by x-15a2
Ping clubs are sold only via authorized retailers. As Ping if the retailer you are considering is an authorized reseller. If they are not, the clubs are fake and of inferior quality.

What do you think? Answer below!

The lastest Dawn Raid happend at Dromoland Castle in Ireland a few weeks ago. Donal and the Raider put a massive range of clubs through their paces. This time it’s the turn of the Ping G2 driver. Did it measure up to the other on test? Watch to find out.

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