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10pc set Ping Logo Red Neoprene Iron Covers Review

July 18, 2011

10pc set Ping Logo Red Neoprene Iron Covers

  • Ping Neoprene Iron Cover set Red
  • Red with silver Logo
  • Plastic see through window for easy club selection
  • Fits most Clubs from Standared to Oversize

10 pc set of very high quality neoprene, same as skin divers wet suit. Completely waterproof design with company logo and a clear plastic window on top to view the iron club number. Will fit all of todays irons and will fit very snug and will not fall off.

List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 21.99

Ping G15 Irons Review

Ping G15 irons are the new golf clubs in 2010, which can be the most popular among golf players.� When I first test these Ping irons, I just can not believe that they are nice looking irons, sporting slightly larger than some normal golf club heads. The Ping G15 irons could certainly look great if you put them in your golf bag at some Sunday morning.

Like its predecessor, the G15 is an iron that designed for golf players who are seeking for maximum forgiveness. However, a few changes also have been made that Ping thinks ought to make the club much more forgiving.

When I hold these irons, they absolutely make me feel a bit heavier than most other Ping irons. However, it really only have a few practice golf swings to make me get used to the weight, and have a great feel for the Ping G15 clubs.

Just as what I stated, all the clubs are designed for making easy hit, and they really did it. The Ping G15 may make the ball away consistently with little effort, and there is no need for you to swing great for get better shot because the clubs can help you do it, no matter you buy the clubs from discount golf equipment online store, such as, or other retailers.

In regards to forgiveness that the clubs bring to golf players, the great performance of the Ping G15 irons was in fact extremely remarkable. Off the fairway these Ping g15 clubs were definitely accurate, and the ball consistently held its line perfectly once airbourne. Any person who has got trouble hitting sufficient greens in regulation might definitely see a number of benefits with these clubs.

In terms of distance, we discovered that the Ping G15 irons had been much superior to the previously G10s. Although the G10 irons might rather often provide you about 10 yards less than you’d probably expect in each club. The G15s appear to ordinarily provide around 10 yards more for every club instead.

Brand new as of 2010, the Ping G15 irons generally can be the best choice for you to enhance your handicap and the Ping irons can do a lot for your game improvement.

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Ping S56 vs. S57
ping irons

Image by proforged
The S57 Iron provides golfers who prefer
a tour-inspired design the ideal blend of feel, forgiveness and distance control. The small, stainless steel head is engineered as a players iron with an increased moment-of-inertia. A dense tungsten toe weight, longer hosel and a small cavity combine to raise the MOI for the additional forgiveness.

The S56
Its Stabilizing Bar Technology varies in width throughout the set to optimize each iron's CG location. In the long irons the bars are narrower to generate more distance from faster ball speeds and higher trajectories. The bars progress wider through the short irons to generate penetrating, controlled trajectories.

Question by EGGO W: How good do you need to be to be able to hit the PING S57 Irons that are new this year?
Im looking at them for a new set…im looking for the handicap of a person who should hit them or an average score that one needs to hit to be able to hit these irons consistently.

Best answer:

Answer by moehckyglf3
if you have a handicap of about 8 or lower you should have no problem. im a 6 and hit the mizuno equivalent of the S57s (MP 60s) and have no problem striking them

Give your answer to this question below!

Get a behind the scenes look at how Ping builds its i15 Irons on their PGA Tour Van in Part One (Mixing the epoxy, Cutting down the shafts, Gripping the Clubs)of this video series. Visit to read my review of the Ping i15 Irons.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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