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uPro Id 31400 Bag Mount Pack

July 17, 2011

uPro Id 31400 Bag Mount Pack

  • Adds a level of durability to your uPro
  • It’s stretches to fit snugly on the uPro

The uPro is durable without any help. However, this lightweight cover helps protect the uPro from aggressive play and extreme weather. The clear cover is light and fits tightly to the uPro to maintain its small size.

List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 29.95

Why Ought to You Invest in Callaway Golf Bags

As a result, if you play a great deal of golf, then this will surely shell out off.


#3) Use discount coupons


Numerous occasions you can obtain coupon codes for new balls that will make them a lot more cost-effective. Keep your eyes out in golf magazines and newspapers for them.


#4) Glimpse for closeout balls


Every time Callaway arrives out with a
of balls, they will have to replace an older version. Yet another cherished element of some bags is a stand, which lets the bag be set up for problems-no cost entry and also keeps the bag off of the fairway.Now you know why Callaway is the quantity 1 selection for golf bags. It’s variety of types and colours, spacious ability and organization are the reason most golfers prefer Callaway golf bags. If you are interested in understanding much more about the Callaway brand, please check out


Some individuals would say that golf is all about the components thus, getting your new Callaway golf bag is a large action. You have to meticulously select your golf bag when buying. Assure that the golf bag you choose will serve all of your purposes well. You should decide on the golf bag that is heading to carry all of your golf equipment and equipment easily. You really should certainly not struggle when finding your points out of the bag as this will outcome in you losing your concentrate on your game. Search at how a great deal you have to place in the golf bag and seem at the way you play golf. If you certainly not stroll the course but often drive all-around in a golf cart then you will need to choose a cart bag fairly than a carry bag made for carrying on your shoulders.


If you are wanting for a light-weight golf bag with a variety of characteristics then there is only one choice. Ask any professional to inform you which golf bag he would select for himself and the reply would most probable be Callaway. Callaway Golf generates higher top quality golf bags within just your signifies, in a wide range of variations and shades.Although model is the major characteristic that can generally persuade a buyer to get a unique form of bag, a single of the most necessary and chosen attribute of a golf bag is its carrying capability. are spaciously designed to maintain golf clubs, balls and other items, creating it amid the couple of golf bags that have a significant quantity of area with an reasonable price tag.A single of the important options of a golf bag is its organization. Letting a golfer fumble all-around their golf bag to discover his chosen club or some other item will waste useful time and make the golfer lose his concentrate. That is why Callaway golf bags are the only selection for golfers who intend to play critical golf.


Callaway golf bags


Callaway golf bags also have plenty of added useful capabilities. They assistance adjustable and comfortable straps which are extremely vital as carrying a heavy bag with tiny or no padding can be agonizing and clearly affect your game. A different cherished aspect of some bags is a stand, which lets the bag be set up for problems-absolutely free accessibility and also retains the bag off of the fairway.Now you know why Callaway is the range a single option for golf bags.

The author is an avid fan of all issues associated to the game of golf. He retains a close eye on all technical merchandise developments in the game and makes certain his information of the game and its goods are latest.

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Callaway Golf bags at the 2008 PGA Golf Show
callaway bags

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Question by joe & laura: Does the Callaway X-22 golf bag have a built in tee holder?
I recently bought this bag and in the detail card it came with it says there is a tee holder. The only thing can find that even resembles a tee holder in the slits on the inside of the handle. I was wondering if it even had a tee holder and if so where is it?

Best answer:

Answer by Average Joe
“tee holders” are little more than holes or slits where you could slide a tee in. They really shouldn’t be a selling point if you’re looking for a new bag. My ogio has 4 “tee holders” two on each side of the center ridge, but i don’t ever use them. It’s impossible to get the tee’s out without fumbling. just use one of the pockets.

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