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Callaway Golf Diablo Edge Hybrid Irons Combo, Set of 8 (Right Hand, 3H, 4H, 5P, Graphite, Regular)

July 15, 2011

Callaway Golf Diablo Edge Hybrid Irons Combo, Set of 8 (Right Hand, 3H, 4H, 5P, Graphite, Regular)

  • Maximized Distance A lower, deeper CG is designed to make the sweet spot more accessible at lower impact locations.
  • Set Options There?s more distance through the entire bag by opting for matched hybrids in the set
  • Smooth Turf Interaction The Solid Impact Sole is designed to mitigate the effects of heavy and thin shots
  • Enhanced Feel and Performance Callaway Golf core technologies like VFT, S2H2, a 360-Degree Undercut Channel

These irons are the longest stainless steel irons we have ever created and provide increased distance without compromising feel or performance. The lower, deeper CG makes the sweet spot more accessible and is in-line with where amateurs most commonly strike the ball on the clubface, generating longer consistent distance and improved accuracy.

List Price: $ 1,000.00

Price: $ 649.99

Buy Your Custom Callaway Golf Clubs on

For golfing, your apparatus are your golf clubs. At first sight, they look alike. But on research about the game and golf clubs, one learns how different they are. The amount of precision the game needs can be delivered only with the right club in hand. Seriously, hats off to Tiger Woods!!And we often hear about “custom golf clubs” in daily life. And we can find that you can customize your clubs on the internet of Callaway golf. What is custom golf clubs? How to buy a suit Callaway golf clubs? I will tell you something about it.

As far as I know, custom golf clubs are anything from a single club to a full set of woods, irons and putters which have been custom specified and assembled just for you. Usually the custom golf clubs includes 1-3 golf clubs. They may work for somebody else and other people will probably love your custom built golf clubs, but they are yours. Take Callaway golf as an example, I tell you how to get a suitable set of Callaway golf clubs. There are two ways you can go this.

Firstly, you may go to Callaway golf clubs shop and browse around until you see something delicate, and you swing it at shop. And the experienced coach helps you match your clubs. They can choose appropriate clubs according to you. You try it and you can choose the different club head and shaft, until you think it fits you perfectly and it is comfortable. Then you come to for the golf clubs you had found which really fitted well for you.And you can enjoy the worthy price and quality golf clubs won’t let you down. you buy a set of Callaway golf clubs or a single Callaway club from the online. That is the normal and cheaper way most people buy their Callaway golf clubs. You can adapt to your clubs gradually. And these clubs will be your custom clubs for a long time. For a lot of people, that just isn’t enough.The offers best and cheapest golf clubs for sale.

Secondly, if you wanted something fitted really well for a long time you would go to a Callaway golf clubs workshop where make the Callaway golf clubs delicately. They would know about all your body condition, test your head-speed, find out exactly what you wanted the item for, how often it would be used, etc. This would cost a relative fortune but gives great results every time. At first the skilled worker knows your need about shape and color of clubs. Then with the guide of a professional craftsperson, you are tested your head-speed and other index. At last they make the Callaway golf clubs according to your individual situation. You can get your real custom Callaway golf clubs with good quality.

Golf wholesale low price golf for you!!!

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Callaway Fti 8,5 Tour
callaway golf clubs

Image by andrea.pacelli

Question by cb: Does anyone know why there is an ‘R’ on Callaway golf clubs?
On all of the callaway clubs that i’ve seen has a ‘R’ somewhere on the club. on the ’06 big berthas its inside the number. and same with the x-18 and 20s. and on the new x-forged its on the nosel of the club. what does this ‘R’ mean?

Best answer:

Answer by Jani
I do not use Callaway clubs myself, but by normal convention the ‘R’ stands for ‘regular’ for the shaft of the club. Regular shafts are more forgiving, as compared to the stiff (S) shafts, which favours the pros and the hard hitters.

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Learning to play golf is fun but to make the most of the experience you need decent golf clubs.

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