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Taylormade Neoprene 10pc Iron Cover Set Black

July 14, 2011

Taylormade Neoprene 10pc Iron Cover Set Black

  • Taylormade Neoprene Iron Cover set Black
  • Black with Silver Logo
  • Plastic see through window for easy club selection
  • Fits most Clubs from Standared to Oversize

This is a 10pc set of Black Neoprene Iron Cover with Grey Trim and a Silver Taylormade Logo. Each Iron Cover has a see through plastic window for easy club selection

List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 21.99

TaylorMade R9 TP Irons reviews

As one of the TaylorMade’s revered Tour Preferred® product line, R9 TP irons are�engineered to deliver a longer distanceand consistency for golfers, which is very important to any players who compete at a higher level or want to achieve a higher level.�This kind of the TaylorMade product�is the latest irons from TaylorMade.�You can see that the clubhead�is built around a more classic� appearance, as opposed to the Burner line that has a more modern shaping. The R9 TP irons offer better players more workability and feedback. That means if you can control your clubs as easyly as you want. The R9 TP irons share the more classic look, but with even more tour-preferred shaping: a more compact head, semi-straight leading edge and semi-square toe, thinner topline, and a thinner sole that is cambered and beveled.

The TaylorMade R9 retains the classic look of a traditional iron while incorporating a variety of technical breakthrough designed to enhance the clubs’ performance and help those players who are�playing� the golf based on a higher level or those who are aiming to reach the top level. A semi-straight leading edge, semi-square toe, thin topline and a cambered thin sole are all included in the compact head. Nick Faldo has influenced the way in which the hosel blends with the leading edge and face to produce a classic looking club that looks as good as it plays.

The longer R9 TP irons�is charactered by the��TaylorMade’s Velocity Control Chamber, a fully enclosed compartment positioned behind the clubface. There are many advantages by using that technology. When you play the golf, you can know�that� it allows a large area of the 2.0 mm face to exist unsupported, increasing COR to promote more distance, which placed an enclosed compartment behind the clubface allowing a large area of the face to be unsupported and an exceptionally low centre of gravity and high moment of inertia which helps you launch them high and long. On the other hand, TaylorMade TP Irons features progressive face thickness which allows the COR to increase in the middle and long irons and feel to increase in the short irons by using Inverted Cone Technology which promotes higher ball speed on off-centre hits to promote consistent distance control. During the progress of playing, you can feel the most joy in the game. Regardless your golf level, I must tell you that this TaylorMade Irons suit everyone. Players can be confident that each R9 iron will deliver the expected distance on each swing, which combines with the fast clubface to make them easier to launch high and long. I’d like to thank TaylorMade for giving me the opportunity to�give my reviews about �the new R9 TP Irons.

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taylormade irons
taylormade irons

Image by cj&erson

Question by Andrew C: What are the Pros/Cons of the Taylormade Burner Irons?
I am an average golfer considering purchasing the new 2009 Taylormade Burner Irons. i want a set of clubs that will last me for a while. I don’t want to buy a set and have them be to forgiving. What are your opinions about these irons?

Best answer:

Answer by bill
well i have the taylormade tour pro irons which i really like and believe will last me a good 10-15 years or so(I got them last summer). The only problem I encountered when I first bought them was the fact that I would be hitting big draws (along the lines of 20-35 yards left (im right handed)). However I eventually got used to them and I eventually got my ball flight back on a good line within a few weeks I really like them because they make a good sound when I make contact with the ball and I would say they are also pretty forgiving.

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A select group of TaylorMade Golf Tour Staff professionals tested the new Tour Preferred forged irons at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational in August. The exclusive video footage was filmed on the PGA Tour’s driving range the week of the tournament.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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