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TaylorMade Burner Plus Irons 4-AW (Right Hand, Steel, Stiff) Review

July 12, 2011

TaylorMade Burner Plus Irons 4-AW (Right Hand, Steel, Stiff)

  • Ultra-large, deep cavity for massive perimeter weighting
  • Inverted Cone Technology for increased COR over a larger portion of the face
  • Advanced perimeter weighting promotes extreme forgiveness on off center hits
  • Multi-Functional sole thats wide and beveled makes it easy to launch and play
  • Steel Shaft: Men’s Burner 85 (Chrome, 85 grams, Parallel tip .370)

The most forgiving TaylorMade iron to date, the Burner SuperLaunch makes it easy to get the ball high off the ground. The low-profile long-iron design contributes to high MOI and low CG, and Inverted Cone Technology promotes faster ball speed on mis-hits for consistent distance. The ultra-large and deep cavity provides massive perimeter weighting that makes the SuperLaunch super-forgiving on all mis-hits

List Price: $ 799.99

Price: $ 345.00

Rh taylor made burner plus 4-sw burner stl u

TaylorMade Burner Plus Irons TaylorMade Golf has introduced the new Burner Plus iron, developed for the 10+ handicap bomber who loves his Burner driver and wants an iron that shares the same personality and the same fast-and-long qualities. TaylorMade Mens Burner Plus Irons feature: Set includes: #4 thru PW (45), AW (50) Set includes: #4 thru PW (45), SW (55) Steel shaft available in Regular, Uniflex or Stiff flex Available in right-hand only Burner Plus…An Iron With A Driver-Like Personality!

List Price: $ 800.00

Price: $ 349.98

Aim to Launch High TaylorMade R7 CGB MAX Iron Set Review

I have been out and about in a new shopping center not far from where I live today and they have a golf shop there that is a small independently owned place. This was my first chance to get my hands on the new 2008 Taylormade R7 CBG Max Irons.

they have a golf simulator and as it was rather early and not busy the shop assistant asked me if I would like to try the clubs over a few holes on the simulator. Well yes they are expensive and yes they are a little heavier than what I am used to in my own clubs.

�The name of the TaylorMade R7 CGB MAX iron tells a lot about the performance of the product. The letters “CGB” stand for “center-of-gravity back,” a reference to the iron’s exceptionally low and deep CG position that contributes to the kind of optimum launch conditions that promote added distance and control. “MAX” alludes to maximum COR, maximum COR zone, maximum clubhead speed, maximum ball speed and maximum forgiveness. The point being that the R7 CGB MAX is engineered to launch high, long, accurate shots with extraordinary ease.

�The TaylorMade R7 CGB MAX’s distance-producing capabilities begin with the clubface, which is created separately from the clubhead thanks to TaylorMade’s Pull-Face method of construction. The clubface, which consists of 455 stainless steel, is exceptionally thin yet exceptionally strong, and boasts a large, unsupported area that helps to generate an uncommonly high COR for an iron, helping to promote faster ball speed and increased distance.

Pull-Face construction also allows TaylorMade engineers to mill the front of the clubface as well as the back, so that the grooves can be created to exacting specifications and the clubface can be milled perfectly flat. The clubface and clubhead are joined by way of plasma welding, which offers a superior level of consistency and control for an extremely precise and strong bond.

�The TaylorMade R7 CGB MAX irons also feature a hollow top-line, which allowed TaylorMade engineers to save 17 critical grams of weight. That weight is relocated to the lower-rear portion of the clubhead, at the toe and heel, in the form of four permanently installed tungsten cartridges. Clone golf iron set combined with the MAX’s wide sole, moves the CG location to an uncommonly low, deep-back position, making it almost effortless to launch the ball high, strong, long and deep.

�The R7 CGB MAX’s tungsten cartridges add to its high MOI, but that’s only part of this iron’s forgiveness story. The MAX features the largest clubhead of any steel iron TaylorMade has ever created, and because of that boasts an inherently high MOI as well as the largest steel clubface area of any TaylorMade iron, resulting in an extremely large hitting area and an extremely high level of stability on mis-hits, equaling long, straight results on off-center hits.

�The R7 CGB MAX’s distance-producing capabilities extends to the TMTK AM T-Step ultra-light steel shaft to encourage faster swing speed for increased yardage.”For those who wonder why we call this iron R7 when it doesn’t incorporate Movable Weight Technology, the way our R7 drivers do, the answer is simple,” says Benoit Vincent, chief technical officer. “The concept of 'R7′ has never been expressly about movable weight, but more about the precise management of launch conditions and the players’ freedom to choose the launch conditions that work best with their swing.

When TaylorMade engineers created the groundbreaking R7 quad driver, they developed the ability to properly and precisely change a club’s playing characteristics to deliver a specific set of launch conditions � launch conditions that make it easier to launch a ball on a high, powerful flight. Each delivers launch conditions like no iron TaylorMade has ever created, which makes them longer, and easier to launch than any iron in TaylorMade’s history. The R7 CGB MAX is engineered for players that desire an iron that incorporates and delivers the highest performance possible in terms of power, distance, forgiveness, playability and ease of use.”

When TaylorMade engineers created the groundbreaking R7 quad driver, they developed the ability to properly and precisely change a club’s playing characteristics to deliver a specific set of launch conditions.

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taylormade irons
taylormade irons

Image by cj&erson

Question by Ron: what is the better bye between Taylormade burner plus irons and Rac OS 2 irons?
I am currently looking to buy a new set of golf irons and i have tested out both the Taylormade Burner plus irons and the Rac OS 2 irons. they both have a really good feel but i don’t know what the major difference is. If someone could help me out with which clubs would be a better buy please let me know. I am a newer golfer and looking for a very forgiving set of clubs.

Best answer:

Answer by Banana33
Taylormade burner irons will be more forgiving. The bigger the flange the more forgiving it will be. So if it is a small blade dont buy it cause it will be hard to hit (unless you are very good.)

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