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Wilson Golf Men's Profile Package Set (Right Hand)

July 10, 2011

Wilson Golf Men’s Profile Package Set (Right Hand)

  • Powerful design focuses all specs to deliver distance and control
  • High MOI mallet head shape putter with anti-glare finish and unique aligment aid
  • Lighweight erogonomic bag improves on-course functionality and comfort, double shoulder strap with self activated stand
  • Very useful long distance strong fairway club helps lower scores
  • hybrids technology much easier to hit than long irons

The Profile model was successful because it addressed a wide range of player profiles. This year’s version takes it one step further to offer numerous size and flex options, so every player is ready to succeed.

List Price: $ 399.99

Price: $ 299.99

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New year, new pastime?
wilson golf clubs

Image by gwilmore
This is my first uploaded photo of 2009 that was actually taken in the new year. A few weeks earlier, I accompanied my wife to a garage sale, where she purchased me a nice set of golf clubs for the exorbitant sum of .00. My only experience thus far with golf is a few rounds I played with my grandfather in Indiana in 1979, but I enjoyed it enough then to think I might want to take it up in earnest someday. And he told me at the time that he thought I did pretty well with it, for someone who had never before played the game.

On the morning of New Year’s Day, I decided to hang out at Border’s for awhile, but also decided that I would first go to a nearby park and read my scriptures until the bookstore opened at 11:00. Until I arrived, I had forgotten that the park in question is actually a nine-hole golf course. The light was nearly perfect at that hour, the course itself a marvelous shade of green, and I had my camera with me. (I am so accustomed to carrying it now that I almost feel naked when I don’t have it with me.)

A foursome approached the putting green, and I asked if I could photograph the ball as one of them approached it for what would presumably be the final stroke. (Unfortunately for one or two of the players, that did not prove to be the case.) The foursome consisted of three Canadians and one American of unknown provenance, and the Canadians, at least, were obviously what we refer to in Arizona as "snowbirds," people who migrate here for the winter, then return home. They were a friendly and good-natured group, and one of them asked me if my picture would show up in the paper. "Not unless you hit a hole in one," I replied, and they all laughed. Obviously none of them would be getting a hole-in-one until at least the next hole.

For this image, I lay prostate on the green and focused on the ball, with my camera set at f/2.8 and ISO 200. I took about a half-dozen shots, for all of which I bracketed my white-balance setting.

I know little about golf, really, other than the difference between a driver and a putter and that the object of the game is to make it from the tee to the hole in as few strokes as possible. Being a history enthusiast, I also know that it was a favored pastime of several U. S. Presidents, most notably Ike, but also JFK, William Howard Taft, Bill Clinton, and I think Woodrow Wilson. But then, three years ago I also knew nothing about photography, or, for that matter, ballroom dancing, so I figure I can learn the rudiments of it fairly quickly even if I never become really good at the game. Finding a golf partner will not be difficult; for example, in my own LDS ward, our former bishop is an especially avid golfer, and I think there may be one or two others like him in that regard. So pretty soon this image might represent me, although if this is the first hole in the course, I may already be on my 17th stroke when I arrive at this point.

I think I will enjoy golf, although I believe I will always prefer photography and dancing as my first loves. But I have done very little dancing in recent months and miss it so terribly.

Question by popinrockinm: About golf clubs, top flight vs. wilson brand?
Ok so my mom was Christmas shopping for my dad and she saw a set of Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs. They looked nice so she bought them. But now were questioning the quality of the Wilson clubs to the ones he has now, Top Flight. So my question is which brand is better? Oh and he’s def. not a beginner. thx =]

Best answer:

Answer by redmountain23
I don’t think the difference would be that much. Those two brands are more entry level brands in terms of golf clubs and quality wise there isn’t going to be much difference between them. There should not be much difference in the club-head material and it really just depends on the shaft quality that is in each of the clubs.

You really won’t notice a difference in the equipment unless you are moving up to better golf club brands such as Titleist, Taylor Made, Callaway, etc. because they use different shaft and clubhead materials. If your dad is a decent golfer and no longer a beginner, I would consider getting him a better quality set of clubs to play with. Dick’s Sporting Goods has most of the good brands at really decent prices.

Give your answer to this question below! http Be Sure to Follow and Like Us on Facebook Golf Life and take a look at the newest hybrid offering from Wilson golf: the Fybrid. Fusing fairway woods and hybrids into one club, the Fybrid is the first in an easy-to-understand family of fairway utilities. Find out more at and find more great video online at http
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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