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H. WILSON Tuffy 34?H Three-Shelf Utility Cart � Black

July 8, 2011

H. WILSON Tuffy 34″H Three-Shelf Utility Cart – Black

  • Easy to maintain H.
  • WILSON Three-Shelf Utility Carts are available in eight color combinations to help you color-code your inventory.
  • Injection-molded thermoplastic material will not rust, stain, scratch, or dent.

Easy to maintain H. WILSON Three-Shelf Utility Carts are available in eight color combinations to help you color-code your inventory. Injection-molded thermoplastic material will not rust, stain, scratch, or dent. Is a natural electrical insulator, as well. All carts have black square posts. Molded push handle maneuvers cart on 4″ rubber swivel casters�2 locking. Optional electrical assembly must be field installed. Ships unassembled.

Price: $ 77.00

The Uses of a Cart Retriever and an Electric Tug

A cart retriever is an operated piece of equipment that has the ability of pushing up to 50 shopping carts. An electric tug is an electric piece of equipment designed to push and pull heavy carts and other pieces of equipment that have wheels and whose weight can be as high as 50,000 lbs. The retriever is a device used by the big shops and supermarkets to help gather the carts left outside the stores and through the parking lots. The mover is used by big companies who want to save money, but have to push and pull heavy wheeled gear.

An electric tug is a piece of compact machinery that is battery powered and can tow heavy duty machines that have wheels. Because it is easier to use and smaller than the first machines used to move other heavy machinery, the cart tug is better controlled by the operator. Thus there are fewer accidents in which a cart tug is involved and the repairs costs are smaller in terms of both the mover and the neighboring things. An electric tug has enough power to last from 8 hours to 16 hours depending on how much it is used. There is also an on board automatic charger. The maximum operating speed is 3 miles per hour and there is a safety stop switch that can shut down the machine thus greatly reducing the risk of injuries. The mover also has 2 speed controllers and tug power steering that can command the machinery to go forward or to reverse. The usual weight of steel used for traction is 900 lbs., but if necessary it can go as high as 1200 lbs. The mover has a safety light, a safety horn, and a tug push pad to protect both the apparatus and the tugged wheeled equipment.

If the mover is intended for heavy duty usage because of its high capacity of pushing and pulling extremely heavy machinery, the cart retriever is a piece of equipment designed to improve working conditions. Before the retriever was invented, the big shops that had carts used to hire a person or more to go around the parking lots and bring back all the carts. This meant both a lot of money and energy wasted on hauling around empty carts. With the invention of the cart retriever this job became easier and quicker to perform especially during unfavorable weather conditions. The retriever is attached at the end of a row of cart that can contain up to 50 carts and is controlled through a remote control. The retriever is easy to operate and it is safe.

The retriever can function both in forward or reverse position, and it reaches a speed of up to 3 miles per hour. Its speeds can be programmed and its battery is strong enough to operate for up to 12 hours without being recharged. There is an emergency stop button, a horn and a braking system, that make the retriever safe to use for the operator, the other customers and the cars from the parking lot. The machine can also be operated in manual mode if for example it has no shopping carts attached. This retriever is also great because it offers a seat, thus the operator does not have to walk all the time, but can pretty much drive at a slow speed around the large parking lots in order to return the shopping carts.

Both the cart retriever and the electric tug have ergonomic designs that make them easier to use and because of their high efficiency saves business a lot of money both in workman hours as well as health related issues caused by the old and bulky equipments or the pushing and pulling around of the wheeled machines.

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Question by SUPP: Would this tennis racket suit me?
I’m a beginner and the current tennis racket I have is a Wilson pink one that only costed 20 dollars. LOL. Obviously, it sucks because you get what you pay for, but now I’m actually quite into tennis and I’m planning to get a new tennis racket. Is this one suitable for me?

I want a tennis racket that isn’t too heavy because I find it easier to swing and hit back without my racket twisting. Oh yeah, incase this actually matters, I’m a sixteen (almost seventeen) yr old girl ':)'

Oh yeah, and if you guys happen to know, why is it that sometimes when I hit a ball back (esp during a weather of 100 degrees) my racket keeps slipping and twisting? Even when I hit the ball with a perfect aim, my racket suddenly twists and causes me to miss =/ If you happen to know, tell me ':)'

Thanks for the help guys! Oh yeah, if you have any other suggestions for a tennis racket, please do let me know! However, my budget is 90 dollars.

Best answer:

Answer by gisher67
Looks good! I have a Head racket too, and I really like it. A mid-plus racket is what I was told to look for, if that helps.
Maybe during the warmer weather your hands get a little sweaty? You could always put on another less slippery grip (they make several different patterns and colors!) if you find that works.

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The final laps of the Champ Car season finale with a huge on track battle in drying conditions between Justin Wilson and Sebastien Bourdais. Great ending to the Lola era and one hell of a way to send Lola off.

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