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Callaway Tour iZ Golf Balls (12-Pack) Review

July 8, 2011

Callaway Tour iZ Golf Balls (12-Pack)

  • A new, refined HEX aerodynamics pattern with 6 sub-HEX geometries increases distance by reducing drag
  • The higher-resiliency 2nd generation dual core construction increases ball speed for a wide range of swing speeds
  • The soft urethane cover uses a new proprietary blend that plays softer
  • Longer distance, better accuracy
  • And cutting through the wind with a stronger, more penetrating ball flight
  • Lasts longer and generates Tour-level greenside spin

The most technologically advanced golf ball on tour. Through 2nd generation Dual Core Construction, Callaway engineers have designed a tour ball that delivers faster ball speeds. The refined HEX Aerodynamics pattern has been improved to add even more distance. This patented design breakthrough reduces drag and adds flight stability through every kind of wind condition, minimizing the wind's effect on ball trajectory. The new urethane cover uses a proprietary blend to provide tour-level feel an

List Price: $ 52.00

Price: $ 39.86

callaway balls

Image by Zach Heller Photography
Blogged at Zach Heller Photography

Question by Scratch The Caveman: Has anyone used Callaway Soft Flite practice balls?
I don’t like using most practice balls I’ve come across – too light, don’t fly right, etc. So, has anyone used these Callaway HX Soft Flite practice balls? They have the same hex dimple pattern as regular Callaway balls, so maybe they work better?

Best answer:

Answer by ixnaytim
I recommend the Wiffle balls. THey generate ball flight, and are terrible when not struck perfectly. You can also look into what are called foam balls. Great for use inside the house.

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