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Wilson Ultra Men's Complete Golf Set (10 Clubs + Headcovers and Bag)

July 7, 2011

Wilson Ultra Men’s Complete Golf Set (10 Clubs + Headcovers and Bag)

  • Large 460cc Titanium Matrix Driver with High Stability on mis-hits
  • Low center of gravity fairwaywood with tip reinforced graphite shaft
  • Deep Cavity irons provide large sweetspot and greater accuracy
  • Deluxe cart bag with stand and double shoulder straps
  • Easy to align mallet putter with soft all weather putter grip

Wilson pacakage sets offer the recreational player a fully integrated, comprehensive set of equipment that’s course ready right out of the box. New larger head sizes and improved shaft performance deliver unbelievable distance with great feel.Offering recreational players a fully integrated, comprehensive starter set that is built to deliver distance, the Wilson Ultra Men’s Complete Golf Set includes a 460cc driver, a fairway wood, a steel hybrid, six perimeter-weighted irons, and a mallet putt

List Price: $ 299.99

Price: $ 199.99

Wilson Golf information and facts

Wilson Sporting Merchandise has long been known for supplying people with high quality sports equipment. Since 1914, Wilson continues to be promoting basketballs, baseballs, and footballs for the common general public too as organized sports activities. Wilson also recognized that golf was an extremely well-known exercise inside the world and they wanted to existing their unique goods for the world that they felt would alter the deal with of golf permanently.
Wilson Golf knew they required the backing of the expert golfer from the time to add credibility to their products, so they contacted one of the finest. Gene Sarazen was the very first golfer to turn into a member from the Wilson Advisory Workers and would have a 75-year relationship together with the organization, the longest-running agreement in sports activities background. His profession would generate him 39 PGA titles including two U.S. Opens, three PGA Championships, a British Open title, along with a Masters victory on his way into the PGA Hall of Fame in 1974.
Over the a long time Sarazen was joined by such golfing greats as Sam Snead, Walter Hagen, Arnold Palmer, Nick Faldo, Payne Stewart, John Daly and Vijay Singh to name some of the Wilson Advisory Employees over the many years. This sort of professional endorsement created Wilson Golf a family identify.
Wilson golf was instrumental in taking part in the introduction of some new ideas in the game of golf. They supplied the financial backing for Patty Berg and “Babe” Didrickson Zaharias to found the brand new Women’s PGA, now known as the LPGA.
Wilson Golf aided introduce the modern era of energy golf using the introduction of the Wilson Staff ball, the well-known ‘long ball’ that springs off the club face 40% faster than the pace of the club head. From 1954 the Wilson Workers ball has aided win extra Masters and U.S. Open Championships than some other ball.
In the 1980′s, Wilson Golf’s Employees irons had been #1 on Tour. The Workers Tour Blade was introduced, also because the Workers persimmon woods with the aluminum experience insert. Wilson released an additional landmark golf ball – the Ultra – and innovative revenue far surpass any prior ball inside the company’s history.
More than the decades, Wilson Golf has continued to pioneer the industry in club design too as golf ball design. They’ve launched some amazing new golf clubs along with long selection balls that may enhance the distance a golfer can hit the ball.
Their use of nanotechnology in manufacture of their clubs make Wilson Golf clubs a number of the lightest and most reliable inside the golf business currently. With ninety years inside the company, they remain a powerhouse when it comes to golf equipment and supplies.

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‘First Swing’ hooks wounded warrior amputee Fields on golf 090210
wilson golf clubs

Image by familymwr
PHOTO CAPTION: National Amputee Golf Association Executive Director Bob Wilson, a retired Navy lieutenant commander who lost both of his lower legs while serving aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, tutors U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program track and field Paralympic hopeful Sgt. Jerrod Fields during the NAGA’s First Swing Clinic for Wounded Warriors Feb. 3 on the driving range at Admiral Baker Golf Club in San Diego. The Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation sponsored tour is scheduled for Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Feb. 21-23; Fort Belvoir, Va., March 22-24; Fort Bragg, N.C., April 19-20; Fort Campbell, Ky., May 10-11; Fort Lewis, Wash., July 18-19; and Fort Jackson, S.C., Sept. 13-14.
Photo by Tim Hipps, FMWRC Public Affairs

‘First Swing’ hooks wounded warrior amputee Fields on golf 090210

By Tim Hipps
FMWRC Public Affairs

SAN DIEGO — U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program track and field Paralympic hopeful Sgt. Jerrod Fields will never forget his first swing at a golf ball.

Fields, an all-around athlete who lost his lower left leg to an improvised explosive device in Baghdad, Iraq, took his first whack at golf Feb. 3 on the driving range at Admiral Baker Golf Club.
While television news cameras filmed and newspaper photographers clicked away, Fields stepped up to the tee as if he does it every day.

“I kind of pumped myself up,” he said. “When I saw the cameras on, I was like, 'OK, let's get it.' You never know who is watching and where it's going to end up.”

As if there was not already enough pressure, 14 PGA-certified instructors loomed over his shoulder.

“This was a blast,” Fields said. “First time playing golf, and having a camera crew out here and professionals to help me with the golf swing, it was awesome.

“Meeting professionals, I’m all for it," continued Fields, 26, a Chicago native stationed at Fort Carson, Colo., who is based at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. “One day I desire to meet different sports figures: Tiger Woods, LeBron James and other various athletes. They might see this and I might get a call or something.”

In the meantime, Fields urges every wounded warrior in the U.S. military to take advantage of the First Swing program.

The National Amputee Golf Association's First Swing Learn to Golf program is presented by the Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command and the United States Golf Association. The purpose is to encourage wounded service members to return to an active lifestyle as soon as they are able, by assisting them in adapting their golf game to compensate for their injuries.

“Fort Carson conducted a First Swing pilot program last July and we saw the success that the team had with the wounded warriors there,” said Trace Kea, a PGA member and program analyst at FMWRC. “So FMWRC decided to partner with them and the USGA to take this program to several different installations.”

“This program is to help give the Soldiers an alternative,” Kea said. “Rehabilitative benefits of golf can improve the mental and physical condition of each and every Soldier returning… not just those with visible injuries.”

“I've seen nearly every type of injury on the driving range, from double- or triple-amputees playing with state-of-the-art prosthetics, to others with shrapnel wounds, spinal-cord injuries, and neurological deficits,” Kea said. “Many of our Soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Seeing those men and women playing touched me, and I knew we had to get involved.”

The First Swing tour has scheduled stops in Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Feb. 21-23; Fort Belvoir, Va., March 22-24; Fort Bragg, N.C., April 19-20; Fort Campbell, Ky., May 10-11; Fort Lewis, Wash., July 18-19; and Fort Jackson, S.C., Sept. 13-14.

Fields joined the Army in November of 2002, deployed to Baghdad in January of 2005, and was injured a month later. He rehabbed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.

“Initially, they're probably a little afraid,” he said of the prospect of fellow amputees getting back into the swing of athletics. “Just talking to some of my friends who were injured, they do really not want to get out � (they're) just afraid of not being able to do what they want to and once could do.

“If they were a golfer or played a certain sport… and they get out there and are not be able to do it at the level at which they once did, it can be scary. (I think) they kind of shy away from it at first, until they get more and more comfortable.

“It's just a matter of being patient with getting us out here because it is a huge step for us.”

Fields, who played football, basketball and baseball at Carver High School in Chicago, suggests that wounded warriors should take the step as soon as physically possible.

“I would say to get out here and face those fears, if any, and have fun,” he said. “This beats being in a house and being depressed, or being off your leg or your arm, or thinking how people might view you because of your disability. Just get out here and have fun.”

Fields, whose No. 1 passion is basketball, belongs to an organization called Amp1, a takeoff of the And1 group.

“We got a few guys in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, New York � different types of amputees all over country � to just come out and play basketball,” he explained. “I'm going to play a 3-on-3 tournament in Texas on March 4.

“Four of us meet here in San Diego and we try to get some games in � mostly against able-bodied athletes. We try to go after two-legged people. That's what we call them,” he said with a grin. “It really does put your mind at ease. I remember playing basketball when I constantly thought about my leg, and I made a move and I didn't think about it, and it was the best move I ever made.

“There comes a time in the sport where you're not even aware that you're an amputee or that you have a disability. So when I got out here (on the driving range), especially when they taught me how to do the follow through and the turn, I forgot I was an amputee. I'm just like anybody else. Why can't I hit it? I felt equal. I felt like I was a golfer, and not an amputee.”

Fields dazzled the instructional golf professionals with his poise and athleticism.

“That was phenomenal for a first-time try at the game of golf, which is so demanding,” said one-armed Navy veteran Rick Monroe, who lost the use of one arm 30 years ago through an accident on the USS Enterprise. “It was obvious that his athleticism was really kicking in, and his attitude was always 'can do,' so that's good to see.” Monroe, 57, of Austin, Texas, said he derives more satisfaction from giving back to the troops than they could ever imagine.

“I always feel like I get more out of it than they do, absolutely, because if I can communicate anything to these guys, it is that a good life is still possible for them,” he said. “Obviously, golf is a great game, but it's also a lifetime game, so by communicating that to them so they don't have to sit on the couch and drink themselves into a stupor every night or whatever, they can be active, productive and live a good life.”

National Amputee Golf Association Executive Director Bob Wilson, a retired Navy lieutenant commander who lost both of his lower legs while serving aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, also was impressed with Fields' golf debut.

“He's an athletic dude,” Wilson said. “He's got the moves. I think he only needed pointers in order for him to hit the ball. He whiffed the first one, and then hit the second one, and the smile on his face just said it all. I don't know if it's going to be his prime endeavor, but at some point I think he's probably going to end up playing golf.”

A Navy retiree approached Fields in the parking lot after the clinic and told him he heard that Fields had just made his debut on the driving range.

“Don’t do it,” the old-timer said. “It's worse than dope, the hard stuff � because once you do it, you're hooked.”

“I already am,” Fields replied.

“Are you married?” the retiree asked.

“Yes, sir,” Fields said.

“You'll be divorced soon,” the old man said with a boisterous laugh � before changing his tune and bragging about many decades spent with his wonderful wife.

“Today was my first time picking up a golf club and swinging it,” Fields concluded. “It felt good. It automatically drew me into the game, making me really want to put the ball in the hole.”

Fields then retreated to the Olympic Training Center weight room to get in another workout before heading home to wife Kirra and their daughters, Janyia, 2, and Janise, 1.

“My job is actually my break time,” he said with a smile. “I go to work when I go home.”

Question by Ashley O: How is the Wilson Prestige mens golf clubs?
I just bought my boyfriend Wilson Prestige golf clubs and I was just wondering if they were good ones to get they were $ 200 so I thought that might mean they are good. So if someone can get back at me and lt me know about the quality. Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by johncondo47
go to and see how their rated

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