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TaylorMade Burner Irons (4-AW, RH, Regular, Steel) Review

July 7, 2011

TaylorMade Burner Irons (4-AW, RH, Regular, Steel)

Mens Burner Irons – Steel 9.99; Graphite 9.99! Every element of TaylorMade’s Burner irons is engineered to work with the next to promote more speed and distance. TaylorMade Mens Burner Irons feature: Set includes: #4 thru PW (45) Available separately: #3 Iron SW: 55 LW: 60 Graphite & Steel shafts available in Senior, Regular, or Stiff flex Available in left- and right-hand Burner Speed, Burner Power, & Burner Distance!

List Price: $ 840.00

Price: $ 574.99

TaylorMade Iron Sets

When it comes to getting the correct TaylorMade iron set to suit the way you play golf, there are several options available.

Analysing your golf game, honestly, will give you the best indication of which iron sets to aim for.

For novice, high to mid range handicap golfers, the best option is to opt for TaylorMade iron sets that have been designed to improve your game.

With larger clubfaces that offer a large sweet spot and greater forgiveness, TaylorMade iron sets that have been targeted towards improving your golf game are:

TaylorMade R7 CGB Iron Set:

TaylorMade have increased the MO (moment of inertia) �of their�� R7 CGB iron set with the use of tungsten weights in their heel-toe design, which combined with the largest club face of any TaylorMade Iron, will increase speed, accuracy, forgiveness and distance for all level of golfers. It is as important for golfers to get the flex of their iron shaft right as it is to get the correct clubface. Chose the wrong flex for your golf swing and it can greatly impact on the distance, accuracy and the trajectory of your shot. As a general rule of thumb; the further the golf ball travels the stiffer the flex of a golf shaft should be. Taylor Made's R7 CGB Iron Set is available in differing shaft flexes to complement your game.

If your golf game has reached the level of requiring game improvement irons, then TaylorMade manufacture classic iron sets to meet your needs.

TaylorMade TP Forged Irons Set.

The TP forged iron set offers the blade iron look much preferred by top professional golfers and low handicap amateurs. The high COG (centre of gravity) of this iron set leads to a greater golfer control over accuracy and playability. Golfers with a number of years golfing experience place a high importance on clubs that make the correct sound on impact and the TP forged iron set from TaylorMade provides the favoured resonance that experienced players seek.

TaylorMade Iron Sets are engineered to meet the requirements of all level of golfers and are available from Golfbuyitonline, who are more than happy to advise on the most appropriate TaylorMade Iron Set to, not only, match your game play, but, to improve it.

taylormade irons
taylormade irons

Image by cj&erson

Question by Pete: What do you recommend for a golfer who shoots in the Low 90s. Callaway x-18 or TaylorMade R7 Irons?
I’m on a budget and the local golf shop has these 2 iron sets on sale. I shoot in the Low 90′s with my Top Flight Irons. I have a big fade. I have TaylorMade woods and they’re awesome, but I love the look of the x-18′s.

Best answer:

Answer by Paulo
Most good golf shops will analyze your swing for you and help you choose the best club. Plus they can re-grip them to optimize even further. Choose the ones that feel the most natural. ':)'

Give your answer to this question below!

Taylor Made claims their new R9 burner irons are the hottest technology in golf. Media ace Jamie McWilliams puts them to the test, going head to head with his Callaway irons.

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