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Right Hand Mizuno Mens MP-52 Forged Irons #3 � PW Dynamic Gold stiff flex steel shaft

July 7, 2011

Right Hand Mizuno Mens MP-52 Forged Irons #3 – PW Dynamic Gold stiff flex steel shaft

  • Type: Iron Set
  • Gender: Mens
  • Condition: New

Mizuno MP-52 Forged Irons…The Most Playable MP Irons Ever! The performance of the MP-52 iron set is based upon two innovative technologies. Comprising Dual Muscle Technology is an outer muscle pad which allows for a precisely placed, lower and deeper center of gravity, offering enhanced playability and an ideal launch angle, and an inner muscle pad which provides unparalleled feel and the feedback that better players demand. The second innovation that sets the MP-52 irons apart and advances MP

List Price: $ 1,100.00

Price: $ 499.95

Mizuno Irons MX-100 on at best price for sale

The new Mizuno MX 100 Irons look great with the Mizuno Irons blue in the back and the Y-tune bar across the back of the head to help with off centre hits. The ultra pocket cavity similar to the MX 19 irons helps move the centre of gravity low in the head to help generate maximum launch for high and long golf shots. The Mizuno MX 100 Irons are available in RH graphite and steel options and LH steel only. Custom fitting is availble from 4 to SW making the Mizuno MX 100 a great golf club for new golfers to mid handicap golfers who are looking for value for money , a brand name you can trust and a fantastic performing set of golf irons.

The Mizuno Irons MX-100, released in 2008, are designed to be game improving clubs aimed at mid and higher handicappers. Mizuno made these irons with the intention that they would be very easy to hit, while offering great forgiveness.

At first glance they are very nice irons to look at. They have a nice design and some very nice graphics on the cavity.

As with most Mizuno irons there are a variety of shafts available, both in graphite and steel. The MX-100s we put to the test were equipped with MX Lite steel shafts in stiff flex.

If you would like to know more information about the specifications and shafts available for the MX-100 irons. Then you can follow this link to the Mizuno Golf website, which will open in a new window.

Probably the first thing most players will notice when they first hold the MX-100 irons is that, despite having larger heads, they are quite light-weight. If you’re not used to lighter clubs it may take afew swings to get used to.

But in terms of performance, the large heads on these irons really did help to make them very easy to hit, most players should have no problem launching the golf ball with the MX-100s.

And this was generally the case through the whole set. Higher handicappers who prefer to have hybrids in their bag as opposed to intimidating long irons, may have that point of view changed after trying these clubs out.

Whether it’s off the fairway or the tee, the longer MX-100 irons are probably some of the easiest to hit long irons ever made.

Admittedly the large cavity can be seen at times when looking down at address on some of the longer irons. But this is only abit distracting for a while, it just takes a bit of getting used to.

We didn’t quite find these Mizuno irons as forgiving as what we thought they’d be. Some reasonable forgiveness was there but definitely not as much as on some other game improving irons on the market.

A slight mis-hit will still produce a reasonable shot, but if you’re quite abit away from the sweet spot with a strike. Your shot is not likely to be landing around your desired target area.

However the distance and power these irons produce cannot be faulted. Though the ball flight is often a tad on the higher side, these irons can carry the golf ball a very long way when hit well.

And for the approach shots that do find their target and land on the green. The higher ball flight produced by these Mizuno irons really helps give the ball a softer landing. Providing that the greens aren’t bone dry, most well hit shots should stop relatively quickly.

As far as game improvement irons go, the MX-100s in our opinion are one of the longest around, and can definitely make the game of golf more enjoyable, and easier, for a newcomer or a higher handicapper.

They pretty much do the job they’re meant to. They are easy to hit and do offer a reasonable amount of forgiveness. Even some mid or lower handicap players shouldn’t be put off by the stigma of using a game improvement iron.

Just now with most retailers there is a considerable difference between the price of the steel shaft and the graphite shaft models.

It’s up to each player to make their own mind up about whether the extra money is worth it for graphite shafts. But we’d recommend that most players stick with steel shafts here, because overall they are better value for money.

Product Description
� The MX 100 features innovative Y-Tune Technology that provides a massive sweet spot for unsurpassed forgiveness

� Maximum playability in all conditions are achieved though the modified U-grooves which produce the idea spin rate

� The super wide sole is designed for maximum forgiveness and consistent playability

About the Manufacturer
While the basic fundamentals of the golf swing are universal, each individual swing is unique. That’s why Mizuno offers a range of golf clubs for players of all abilities. From game improvement clubs for players seeking forgiveness and an easy launch to game enhancement clubs for players looking to fine tune their games, Mizuno offers the best equipment for all types of golfers. For nearly a century, Mizuno has delivered outstanding innovations and high performance technologies for serious golfers of all abilities. With groundbreaking innovations like Grain Flow Forging Technology™ and revolutionary design technologies such as CORTECH™, Mizuno has earned the trust of golfers of all skill levels, including the world’s finest professionals. Matching the ideal equipment with each player is Mizuno’s goal, and their industry leading Custom Fitting Program is the ultimate in personalization. With over 2,000 specially trained Mizuno Custom Fitters around the country, finding the perfect set of Mizuno clubs has never been easier. Dedicated to innovation and groundbreaking technological advances, Mizuno introduced Cut Muscle Design Technology in their irons in 2005, and it took the golf world by storm, winning numerous industry awards including Golf Magazine’s “Testers’ Top Pick” in both 2005 and 2006 with the MP-32 and the MP-60 irons, and “Editors’ Choice” for the MP-32 in Golf Digest’s 2005 Hot List.


Golf wholesale equitment Mizuno MX-100 Irons�9.99 for sale

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mizuno irons

Image by matt.doane
Macro shot of my Mizuno MP-33 three iron.

Question by Gabe G: Mizuno Irons?
I’m thinking about upgrading my irons. I’m really interested in mizuno irons. I am 6-7 handicapper and currently hit Titleist DCI 990′s. If i decide to get Mizunos should I go with MP-32′s, 57′s, 60′s, or 67′s. Or is there much difference in them?

Best answer:

Answer by Jason G
I’ve read ratings on all the irons you listed. The MP-67 was Mizuno’s highest rated iron ever. The MP-32 was the favorite iron tested in Golf Magazine’s Club Test ’05. A 1 handicapper said that it had a wider, more forgiving sweet spot than most Mizuno blades. A 2 handicapper stated that the sting was less than what he expected from a forging. The MP-60 was tested in ’06 and while most liked it, they liked the MP-32 better. They found the MP-60 less forgiving. The MP-57 was tested this year and received high ratings as do all Mizuno irons. Some found mis-hits to lose distance and off center shots feel weak. There was only one iron rated higher than the MP-57 in this club test. I have hit an older model Mizuno iron and they were excellent. Whichever model you choose you will be happy with.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

We visit Mizuno Golf where Chuck Couch and David Llewellyn tell us about the latest iron and wedge products introduced for the 2010 golf season. We feature the MX1000, MX300, MP-T10 Wedge, MP-58, MP-68 and MP Fli-Hi Irons.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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