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Callaway Ball Diablo Golf Balls (12-Pack)

July 7, 2011

Callaway Ball Diablo Golf Balls (12-Pack)

  • High-resiliency core increases ball velocity across a wide range of swing speeds
  • The advanced core reduces driver spin, tightening shot dispersion for better accuracy
  • Soft ionomer cover generates long drives and provides even longer playability
  • Hex areodynamics that replaces conventional dimples reduces drag
  • Promotes a stronger, more penetrating ball flight that cuts through the air

The results surprised even us. A golf ball this soft, and with this much feel, shouldn t be able to go this far. The new High-Resiliency core is not only soft, but also fast, which means you ll never sacrifice distance for soft feel. Plus, this golf ball s unique low spin properties mean that players who impart too much spin off the driver will see more distance and less severe hooks and slices. The Big Bertha Diablo Golf Ball offers lower driver spin and softer feel than most golf balls on the

List Price: $ 30.00

Price: $ 30.00

Finding The Best Golf Balls

When it comes to trying to select the best golf balls, there are literally hundreds of different types, brands and sizes that you can to choose from. Theres no question that using the right golf ball will definitely improve your game but the question is whether the golf balls the pros are using are the best golf balls for you. You should play the best golf balls for your particular game otherwise you may be sacrificing accuracy and consistency for a few extra yards. Some swear that the Titleis Pro V1x or the Bridgestone Tour B330 are the best golf balls, but just as many swear by the cheap ball they bought in their local discount store that gives them both length and short game control.

Cheap golf balls with a high quality rating perform just as well as the same balls purchased brand new. Don’t be embarrassed to shop around for cheap golf balls either. When you’re ready to buy cheap golf balls, you have your pick of cheap Nike balls, Titleist balls, Callaway balls or no brand balls. Some cheap golf balls are sold specifically for driving ranges, and if you use your cheap balls for this you should ignore your length.

A logoed golf ball is a golf ball that you order with your own specific logo printed on the ball. Logoed golf balls are becoming extremely popular, and it’s amazing to see what you can put on a golf ball. Logoed golf balls travel further than you might think. Either way, custom logo golf balls are fast becoming the hot item in the golf bag, and a hit with companies looking for a new and effective way to get their corporate logo and name in front of the right people, on the course.

Titleist says, “The Titleist DT SoLo golf ball applies a high-lift design to maximize distance for golfers with average and moderate swing speeds seeking the ultimate combination of distance with soft feel and guaranteed cut-proof durability. These golf balls are optimized for golfers with higher swing speeds and will reward them with longer, consistent distances of the tee.

Balls with a higher rate of compression, around 110, are much harder and take a lot more energy and power in your swing to flatten on impact. As a general rule of thumb, if you have a fast swing speed you should use compression 110; golfers with an average swing speed should use compression 100, and a slow swing speed golfer a compression of 80.

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Question by Danny: what callaway golf balls are the soft ones ?
i’ve got loads of different kinds of callaway golf balls, my dad told me that soft balls would be the best for me so i’m wondering what callaway balls are the soft ones ?

Best answer:

Answer by doug4jets
Black. Red aren’t too bad, but the black are the softest. Orange and green are hard.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Callaway Diablo Driver Review, Diablo Fairway Review by Phil Mickelson. Golfalot also review Callaway Diablo Irons and Ball
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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