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Wilson Staff Di9 Graphite iron set (Mens Left Hand, UST V2 Graphite, 5-pw, gw, aw Senior flex)

July 6, 2011

Wilson Staff Di9 Graphite iron set (Mens Left Hand, UST V2 Graphite, 5-pw, gw, aw Senior flex)

  • A lower profile and wider sole lowers the CG promoting a higher and straighter ball flight for greater distance
  • Because 85 percent of all shots are hit from the center to the toe
  • Di9 has the highest MOI when compared to key competitors
  • Covering the entire length of the cavity is a low durometer
  • The aggressive design on the fully functional grips have blister free zones under the thumbs and lower fore finger
  • The Di9 incorporates a toe friendly cavity that extends the sweet spot to where most shots are hit
  • The vertical and horizontal grooves promote torsional traction for rotation
  • Vibration-dampening urethane medallion which expands the sweet spot to the entire length of the face

We’ve learned a lot with our award winning Wilson Staff Di7 iron, and delivered it in the all new Di9. Distance superiority. Greater accuracy. Improved feel. The Di9 is more powerful, more accurate and more fun to play.

List Price: $ 999.99

Price: $ 99.99

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Shannon and Wilson did all the cooking. Thanks, guys.

Question by Mike: What are your thoughts about the Wilson Pro Staff irons?
They are the gold oversized irons.

Best answer:

Answer by Bryan
They aren’t bad for a low price, low quality club for someone who wants to just go out and golf. I would suggest getting a used set for around the same price from a bigger name. Usually you will get better quality which will help improve your game.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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