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LG Infinia 42lv5500 Review- Internet-ready SMART HDTV with 60% Off!

July 6, 2011

My Personal LG Infinia 42lv5500 HDTV Review

LG Infinia 42lv5500 is a 42-Inch High definition resolution TV with 1080pixels resolution. It possesses superior picture quality and colors compared to my old HDTV. As it comes equipped with the120 Hz True Motion technology, I see sports without any motion blur. This is a clear improvement compared to its predecessors. I can enjoy music for free, watch entertaining videos directly from YouTube when I am bored, or watch fresh news, updated right to the minute, right from the internet whenever I wish to. Thanks to its Internet ready Smart TV technology that enables me to do so and also access millions of other media files without ever have to purchase anything.

LG Infinia 42lv5500 Review- Initial Conclusion and Big Discount

LG Infinia 42LV5500 ReviewAfter using it for 5 months now, I really love this TV so far just for the features mentioned above. There is no input lag from post processing when playing games. I was looking to upgrade my old, so called HDTV, with a new generation HDTV which actually delivered what its name suggested. LG Infinia 42lv5500 HDTV has stood true to its name. Best value for the price I would say. I got this TV from amazon at almost 40% of the market value, which means a discount of 60%. For a limited time, you can also get a 60% discount from amazon by clicking on this link. Currently, it sells for a market price of $1699, but amazon offers the same for $700. Remember they do not show the price at first since their price is lower than the minimum price required by LG brand. We can see the price by just pressing the “add to cart” button on right side, not actually purchasing. I prefer purchasing on amazon as the shipping is quick and the shopping experience is very hassle free. I have now bought around 200 items from them and never had any complaints. The prices are always much cheaper than the local market prices as well. If you wish to read a more detailed LG Infinia review, please continue reading below.

LG Infinia 42lv5500 Features compared to other HDTV s?

You might be thinking what advantages LG Infinia 42lv5500 offers over other conventional HDTV s in the market. I will list these beneficial features below:

  1. Firstly, as mentioned earlier, The LG Infinia 42lv5500 has a screen resolution of 1080 pixels, which is almost double compared to other HDTV s out there, which are usually 720 pixels resolution. Beautiful colors and heart capturing image quality almost makes forget that I am not a big fan of LED type TVs. Before using this TV, I was a real big fan of LCD displays and never really trusted the LED types.
  2. LG Infinia 42LV5500 ReviewsSecondly, a lot of these HDTV s lack the fast speed, 120 Hertz True Motion imaging technology, which means watching sports and playing video games definitely results in motion blurs due to the input speed lag. I have never faced a problem playing games and watching races etc. So this is a big plus point.
  3. The third point is the internet connection ease for viewing almost all the movies and media you want, without spending a dime. This Smart TV comes with one of the easiest wifi setups. I just had to type the user-name and password of my wifi internet connection and there I was surfing YouTube, Pandora, Facebook videos and my other favorite stuff. No geeky upgrades or installations required. Tell me one other conventional HDTV that offers such ease. Use of apps is also super easy which allowed me to get right into watching the stuff I liked without spending too much time in the learning process.
  4. The Fourth and most important advantage which gives the LG Infinia 42lv5500 HDTV a clear edge over others is the extra low electricity consumption features in it. It is a energy saving device as certified by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It has an energy guide number of 12, which means it will cost only $12 if left on the whole year according to the current electricity rates in the United States of America. Not bad compared to any other type of TV in that regards, be it the LCD types or the old fashioned CRT TV.


LG Infinia 42lv5500 Review- Things To Improve

When I first started using this TV, I was put off by the motion sensing remote control, which actually is a quite innovative feature. Many other people seem to like it as the remote has a magic button which utilizes motion sensing technology to the full. It is same technology as being used in iPhone and other high end smart phones. The remote control has only 5 buttons which was difficult for me to get used to in the beginning. But once I got hold of it, I am really enjoying it. I think if LG can ship a CD with video instructions on how to use this remote, it will be more convenient for the users. But other than this, it has been a smooth experience so far in the last 5 months.

LG Infinia Review- Final Conclusion and Big Discount

I will conclude my LG Infinia 42lv5500 Review by stating that I am enjoying watching this TV along with my family and I see no reason why I won't be in the coming time as well. It has to be one of the best LED type HDTVs when comparing the features with other brands and types of TV in the market. And for the price that I got it for, almost a 40% price of the market, value, this purchase was definitely a no-brainer. For a limited time, you can also get a whopping 60% discount on LG Infinia from amazon by clicking on this link. For more information about LG Infinia 42lv5500 Smart HDTV, visit the official site by clicking here.
Below is a video for the LG Infinia 42lv5500 Review. Hope you will enjoy it.

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